silly love poems to Darren Criss

silly love poems to Darren Criss

these are just some poems that i write whenever i have spare time about the awesome Darren Criss and this is the first time i'm actually doing something like this so please message me for feedback/criticism/ideas or if you just feel like chatting,I would really appreciate that :)
(i'm just starting of with one poem,i will write more)

Chapter 1

my teenage dream

your hair is curly and brown
a voice like an angel's sound
your eyes are hazel yet seem green
my heart melts when i see you on screen
you are my Teenage Dream

girls scream your name
it all sounds the same
oh how i love you so
day by day my love might grow
the sad thing is you'll never know

i dream of you at night
in darkness you're my light
you're crazily sweet
how i wish we could meet

i know it will never happen
since you are you
so awesome you
and i am me
unawesome to you

i know it's all in my head
as i said
though i wish it could be real
in my heart i feel

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