Chapter 1


by: KayBearr
Your Name
Whats your name? [give your internet name if you don't like giving out your real one] Kayla Sue Last name here

Real of Fake Name? Real

Whats your nickname? KayKay, KitKat, Kay, Twin, Kay-Lizzle, Scary-Kayla

Whats the best nickname you've ever been givin on Quibblo? KayKay

Who gave it to you? Delia/Candace/ FreedomFighters

Have you ever givin anyone on Quibblo a nickname? If so, who, and what was it? Yup, Amber,Delia. Ambre DelDel

Do you like your real name? Yes.
Do you like your last name? Uh.. Yeah

Age and Siblings
How old are you? 1o, Going on 11 next month xD

When is your birthday? August 29th

Are you a twin? Kinda. To my best friend, yes. Real, no.
Are you a triplet? Nada
Do you have any siblings? Yuppers
Older or younger siblings [if you have any] Older.

Language, Travel, and Ethnicity
Do you speak any other languages other than English? No, but I'm learning French.

If so, what languages do you speak? English

Which languages ^^ do you speak fluently? English!

What languages are you pretty close to speaking fluently, if any? French

What languages do you speak at home, with your immediate family? English

If you speak another language fluently, how would you rate your English speaking? 1= terrible; 10= Well, I'm not trying to impress you or anything, but I've been speaking it my whole life.

Has anyone told you have an accent before if they don't speak your language, or your in another country? Nah.

What countries have you been too? [don't count the country you currently live in obviously] None, not even out of the state xD

Why did you go to the places above? Neveh

What nationalities are you? ...

What religion are you? Christian

Do you have any fears? If so, what are they? Yip. And I fear, huge spiders, sock monkeys, and panic attacks.

Are your fears common, or unique? First: Common. Second: Unique. Third: I dunno.. Common?

What is the most common food where you live? Oranges.

Whats your favourite food? Dino Nuggets.

Whats you favourite drink? Cherry Cola

Is there any drink or food that you think tastes really weird for some reason, but you still like or love it? Noper-knots. (No xD)

Are you allergic to any foods, sauces, or spices? I used to be allergic to peanuts, but I'm not anymore.

Medical and Health
Have you ever broken a bone before? Nah. OH CRAP I PROBABLY JUST JINXED MYSELF. D:

Do you have any medical problems or disabilities that you were born with? Nada

If so, is it just you, or does it sort of run in your family? I SAID NADA

Have you ever had surgery before? Nada

Have you ever been in a NDE [near death experience]? Yup. like, several times. And 2 happened today!

Physical appearance and Profile
Do you have glasses or contacts? Nada, but yes. I don't need them, but I wear fake glasses.

Do you have braces? Nada

Do you have a retainer? Nada

Are you short, tall, or around the height you should be at your age and weight?
I'm a little over-heighted..

How tall are you [estimate if you don't know exactly] I dunno.

Whats your natural hair colour? Light brown, natural highlights from the sun. Origanilly dark brown.

What colour are your eyes? DARK brown, and I have no idea how. My dad's eyes were blue, and my mom's are light brown.

Is your skin colour light or dark? Light, but I'm tanned thanks to my sunburn -.-

Do you tan easily? Yup.

Have you ever gotten a sunburn? Yes. AND IT SUCKED

Do you have naturally straight, wavy or curly hair? Curly. Too curly.

Do you have naturally straight teeth? Nope.

Are you left handed, right handed, or ambidextrous? THE "RIGHT" SIDE! Hahaha, get it?

Parents and Guardians
Do your parents have any siblings? yea...

If so, how many do they have? My momma has 3, My dad has 1.

What are their occupations? I actually don't know..

Hobbies and Sports
What are your hobbies or what do you like to do in your spare time? Reading, writing, sleeping, drawing, and yelling.

Do you like sports? Soccer, basketball, and football.

Do you watch the Olympics on TV? No, I barely watch TV.

What is your favourite Olympic season? Winter.

Do you play any sports? Sadly, nada.

If so, what sports do you play? Nada

Do you like music? Duh.

What are your favourite genres of music? Country, rap, and hip hop.

Do you play any music instruments? If so, what? Yup. Piano and guitar.

Is your family musical? Nope xD

Have you ever been to a concert before? Nada

Do you have a cell phone? Yesh

Do you personally own any Apple devices? Nada

Do you like texting? Ewweh, no. I don't like texting. Especially the text language..

Do you have a desk in your room? Yeah, to hold my guinea pig in.

Do you have a dresser in your room? Nada

Do you have a closet in your room? Yesserie

Do you have a bathroom in your room? Nada

Do you have a TV in your room? Yesh

Do you have a computer in your room? Nada, I leave mine on the couch xD

Do you have air conditioning in your room? Yesh

Whats your favourite subject in school? Science or writing.

Do you have school uniforms? Nada

Do you go to private or public school? Publicc

Do you like school? Yessir

Do you plan to go to college? Dunno. I'm 10.

Have you ever gotten a detention before? Nada

Does your school have a dress code? Nada

Do you have a big or small imediate family? Medium

Do you have a big or small extended family? Small. Only one family member out of the state.

Do you and your family have a house that you vacation at sometimes? nada

Who is the oldest kid in your family? Tiffanie (Sistah)

Who is the youngest kid in your family? Meeee

From a 1-10 [1 being the lowest], how close are you and your family [as in relationship with eachother- 1= i hate them 10= we are closer than close!] Uhh.. 8?

Who did you copy and paste this from: How The Heck Am I supposed to remember?

Well, thanks for reading, my amazing, and terrifical friends! Please re-post this if you loved this, want to kill bordem, or are just to awesome not too ;] Let's try to spread this around on Quibblo, and get as many people to re-post this as we can, and then get it onto the top popular quizzes/stories list! Please leave comments too!!!


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