Updates ~ Quizzes and Stories

Updates ~ Quizzes and Stories

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This is my layout of future quizzes and stories.

Chapter 1

Upcoming Quizzes and Stories

Quizzes that I will be making.
For the MJ Fans
Would you rather~Michael Jackson fan survey
Surviving with Michael Jackson Tour version
Harry Potter sorting hat and character opinions
Whose your Death Eater Husband girls only
Whose your death eater wife Boys only
Soul color quiz
Style quiz
Movie quiz.

The Slytherin Series: Vera Moherro
World Tour~ A Michael Jackson Movie
One-shot: Behind the costume Lydia and Michael Jackson love story
The Shamoners: Biography
The Misadventures of the Smooth Criminals
Moonwalker the Aftermath: Story will be published today!
The Misadventours~Michael Jackson Edition

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