School Drama

Chapter 2

Girl meets Boy

[Walking down the hall way]
(Mary passes by Jeremy)
Mary: You are totally adorable she winks at him
Jeremy: Blushes Thanks
(Mary walks away and walks by Clarissa)
(Clarissa shuts her locker.)
Mary: Hey Beautiful!
Clarissa: Hey gorgeous.
(Walks down the hall)
Mary: Guess what?
Clarissa: What?
Mary: I talked to a cute guy today.
Clarissa: Oh my gosh. Shut up. Guess what? Smile on her face
Clarissa: Stops smiling I don't care babe, sorry.
Mary: It's cool He's so cute.
Clarissa: Mhm.
Mary: I heard there is a new kid in school. We should totally check that out!
Clarissa: Um no. You know this Mary-Beth, I'm not interested in guys, I'm interested in my life, my work, my future, and ect.
Mary: But Clarissa-Mabel I think if you-
Clarissa: Nope.
(Kandy spots Mary down the hall way and walks over)
Kandy: Gives Mary a hug and looks at Clarissa Ew.
(Kandy walks away)
Clarissa: What gives?
Mary: I don't know. But look, try please?
Clarissa: No, I'm sorry.
Mary: Fine okay...
(They see Andrew)
Checks Clarissa out
Clarissa rolls her eyes and they keep walking.
Mary: Oh my god, he was totally checking you out. School bell rings
Clarissa:Let's go.
Mary: Ugh okay:P

[After class]
Andrew walks up to Kandy
Andrew: So girly, you look gorgeous.
Kandy: Um I know that. mumbles creep.
Andrew: What's up with your attitude?
Kandy: I don't know you, get out my face loser... Up out it, now!
Andrew: Fine bish. No one needs you anyway. Walks away
Kandy: Excuse you? May I just say, no one needs you! She storms
Andrew flipped her off and walked away.
Kandy: Oh, cry me a river, build a boat, and sail all the way to hell.
Andrew: How long did that take you to come up with that phrase? A year bimbo? You can't sail to hell, you get over the bridge dumb a**
Kandy: You're just.. UGH!
Andrew: I'm what ? Cute ? Yeah I know
Kandy: Nah bro you're ugly af
[After class: Clarissa]
Mary: What the fu** is this? the fu** is that? the fu** am i going to do with my life?
Clarissa: Look it's friday, you can come over and I can explain everything
hears yelling
Mary: Okay.. wanna go check that out?
Clarissa shrugs her shoulds and they walk over to see Kandy and Andrew going at it
Mary: Damn you guys winks
Kandy: Shut up and Mind your buisness
Mary: I never do.. now y'all shut up... either make out or go your separate ways
Andrew: Make out with this bi**h? Please!
Kandy: You're the one who tried hitting on me
Mary: So, you want her Andy? Kandy got some amazing Candy she winks again
Kandy: Ugh the f**k ?
Andrew: No! I was trying to hook you up with my brother!
Kandy: Keep Jeremy and Keep your little excuse!
Kandy walks away

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