School Drama

Chapter 1


This Story is about 3 pretty popular girls and 4 hot popular guys.

Clarissa-Mabel Witzigreuter [ ] She is a goody goody. She don't drink or smoke. Clarissa could care less bout boys. Gets good grades. Don't party. Have a job as a baby sitter and is a science geek. She is popular cause she's gorgeous.

Mary Beth Kobains [ ] : Mary Beth drinks, is a party animal, ditches school to go hang out with her older brother. She is a friend of Clarissa. Mary Beth really sweet girl, hilarious, and rockerish. Most people love her cause she's very open.

Kandy Neverston [ ] : Kandy is the lead cheerleader, lead singer in a band called Miss BeHave, and writer. She's a bully and bossy. She has an very bad attitude problem...

Andrew Westfield [ ] : Hottest guy in the whole school;. He has an attitude problem and has his way with the ladies. Ditches school to take girls on dates and sometimes to chill. He has a huge crush on Kandy.

Jeremy Westfield [] Jeremy is Andrew's fraternal twin.Jeremy is quiet and mysterious but he likes fashion. He's Bisexual and amazingly friendly unlike his brother.

Cameron Longforth [] : Cameron is an foreign exchange student who just moved in the town. He's the new hotty and he's really kind and sweet. Very open and loving.

Jake Meade [] : Football player, Basketball player, Wrestler, and school player. He's really deceiving and even tho he's extremely cute he can't be trust.

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