STORY- No P.R.O.B (Hillary's POV)

So...this is a story I'm writing with one of my best friends. My best friend's gonna make Hayley Rodrigez's (main character in the story) POV, but it will not be on Quibblo--or any site (that I am aware of.) So! I'll be doing Hillary Spark's (Hayley's Best friend) POV. The 10th grader who's rockin awesome, rebelious, be-your--own-hero, crazy (in a good way), kinda dorky, loud, sotra socially awkward and Devil May care, doesnt give a damn...Or does she?

Chapter 1

 "I grab my lunch, I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this new school year!" That was a little Ke$ha parody on the First day of the first semester of 10th grade. 

Hey people reading this! It's Hillary Sparks! I'm Haley's—or as I call her—Haybale's Best friend! So this is my part of the story. New semester and we're starting 10th grade...Where the hell did time go?! I met Hayley 5 years ago,in 5th grade. I can't believe that in 2 years we'll be graduating...! 


Waking up at 6:30 AM. Oh, the JOY. Not like I slept anyways, so much  was on my mind last night. I got up, turned my stereo on, and went to my closet. Mom had told me to wear a skirt, but I'm not the girly type. I searched for my normal skinny jeans but it was a failure. Mom had probably planned to wear them to work today—just wonderful. I found some bright red skinny jeans and my Black Veil Brides T-shirt. Looks like the day isn't gonna be so bad after all! I grabbed my black converse and my studded black and white belt hanged to a side. Bracelets and necklace check! 

Before you keep on making assumptions; NO I am NOT some goth or emo-wannabe or whatever you people Are trying to label me. Seriously people, Life isn't SO bad! 

So, I washed my face, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair and put on eye liner. What? Again, NOT emo, I just like to dress like this! 

I go to the kitchen and see my mom sigh.
"'Morning mom..!" I said still a bit sleepy
"Good morning, Hillary. Where is the skirt?" she asked
"Decided not to wear it." I said grabbing an apple from the fridge and putting it in a paper bag for lunch.
Mom sighed. "....Just get in the car you're going to be late"
"Late?!" I looked at the clock '6:59 AM' CRAP! The bus leaves at 7:05! "Noo! Not today!!" I grabbed a water bottle and a poptart. I jumped in the car.
"Did you forget anything, honey?" mom asked
"Don't think so! But just drive, please! I don't wanna be late on my first day of 10th grade!"
"10th grade already? Gosh, I'm getting old!" laughed my mom as she took the car out of the garage.
"Well look at your hair, mom!" I laughed and pointed at a few gray hairs in her head cause I always point that out.
"Shhh! I'll dye it next week!" she laughed again.

The bus stopped at the bus stop. As soon as I saw it I opened the door and walked out while my mom was trying to park it.
Jumping out of a moving car. 
I am crazy.
Luckily I didn't fall, I just hit my shoulder with a tree. But no biggy!
"Are you crazy?! You could've gotten yourself killed!!" I head my mom yell.
"I'm alive, so it's okay, Ma!" I yelled replying. 
The bus had stop, so I got in. The front was mostly full, so I just went to the back. Some of the other High Schoolers and Little kids stared at me. But oh well, whatever! 

I turned my iPod back on in shuffle.
"Narccisstic Canibal" by KoRn came on.
Good, something to rock along to.
I looked around to see if I could talk to anyone but seems like they're either asleep, grumpy or they're ignoring me. So I just look out the window and day dream.

Around 7:30 We Finally get to school.

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