A Single Drop of Blood

A Single Drop of Blood

LAME TITLE!! But my only other altrenative was "The Curse" which is too cliche... -.-" Anyways, maybe I'll thing of something else later on. You all know how skilled I am when it comes down to naming a story haha XD

Chapter 1

by: _Andreea_
Alice set the heavy book she had been reading aside and sighed. The sound of the heavy rain as it smashed against the glass of the window was distracting her – not that she had ever had much of an interest in Alcherion’s history. The girl sat up, disturbing the tiny dog which had been dozing off on her lap. It jumped away, allowing her to stretch her legs and walk lazily toward the window.

The tower in which the library was located faced the northern mountains. Past the walls of the palace, there was nothing but wild forest. She usually spent her days in her room, watching the activity in the town south of her home, but today something caught her attention. A group of black-clad people were making their way to through the forest, struggling through the slippery mud. The princess’s blue eyes widened as she realized they must be Mage apprentices, going through some kind of training. Her heart beat faster as she watched them. One of the ones in front seemed to be making some sort of sign with his hands. Another joined him, and suddenly, they all disappeared. Alice gasped, her beautiful face pressed up against the glass of the window. Her eyes searched the dark forest, but there was no sign of them. How she wished she could’ve gone with them! She banged her first gently against the stone of the castle wall, tiny tears of frustration burning in her eyes. She would never be allowed out of the palace. All she could do was watch the outside world from its towers. She was pathetic!

Sensing her distress, the small dog whined, nipping gently at her leg. She bent down and picked it up, hugging the creature to herself and running her fingers through its long white hair. A little tongue came out and licked her cheek in appreciation. The princess kicked off her slippers and dug her toes into the plush carpet that covered the stone floor. When she had been a little girl, she used to come to the library and pretend that that carpet was grass. She had never been past her balcony, but she supposed it would feel about the same.

The girl twirled, enjoying the feel of the material twisting under her feet. Perhaps if only she knew why she was kept inside all the time, the circumstances would be easier to bear. But to question this was forbidden, and any servant that opened their mouth to answer was dragged away and never seen again. She learned to never question her parents’ orders. And yet she longed to run freely through the northern forest, or to admire the beautiful carvings sold at the market in person.
Sighing, the princess set the tiny dog down and wiped at her eyes. She knew that this wouldn’t last forever. Once she was Queen, she could order everyone to let her out. She could finally cool her feet in those clear springs of the mountains, finally climb the great oak in the clearing right above the Three Great Stones. She could learn the art of the Mages and no one would scold her. With luck, she could learn to love the husband picked out for her by her parents. Only this though kept her depression at bay, and it was all she dreamt about. The day would surely come when she would be free. There was no doubt about it.

She smoothed her azure skirts and slipped her shoes back on before leaving the library, her history book lying abandoned beside the armchair she had been reading in.


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