For The First Time ~ A Niall Horan Love Story. One Shot- Niall & Leisha. For : I_Wanna_Snog_Hazza .

Chapter 1

Our Song

I was on my email when a Skype notification popped up in the bottom right hand corner. I clicked out of the window I was in and opened up Skype. I glanced at my recents to see that my best friend, Louis, has sent me an instant message. Our conversation was something like this..
Louis - Hey Love. What's up?
Leisha - Nmu?
Louis - Same! Oh, by any chance, have you seen Kevin? >.<
Leisha - LOL! No Lou, I haven't ;)
Louis - Okay, good. Oh, how was your date last night?
Leisha - It was um..
Louis - That bad?
Leisha - Yeah, it was lol
Louis - Then can I set you up with one of my friends?
Leisha - Depends. Who?
Louis - That's the point of a blind date, love! I cannot say :3 Can Eleanor and I tag along?
Leisha - Lol okay. Yeah, of course! :) Thanks Lou.
Louis- No problemo! Anyways, I have to go. But be dressed in something casual for tonight, k? Pick you up at about 6. Bye Lovey!
Leisha- Alright, I will! Thank youu! Bye BooBear!

I signed out of Skype and dashed for my closet. I pulled out a pink floral dress and lightly colored jean jacket. I put that on and started to put on a bit of makeup. I brushed on a bit of light pink eye shadow and black mascara and slipped on my flats.

Just then, my phone started brutally vibrating on my bedside table. I dashed for it and read, You Have A New Message From: Louis. I clicked it open and read,
Leisha- Okay!

I dashed down the steps and stopped in front of my front door. I waited for what seemed like hours before a heard a knock. I quickly swung it open and saw Louis, Eleanor, and a really good looking guy with gorgeous blue eyes and great looking blonde hair.
"Hello, love! This is Niall, Niall Horan," Louis introduced.
I blushed and smiled. "It's nice to meet you, Niall. I'm Leisha," I said tucking a lock of black hair behind my ear.
He then stepped in front of Louis and held out his arm, bent at the elbow. "The pleasure is all mine, love,"
I giggled and took his arm. The four of us strolled down my sidewalk and into Louis' car. Niall and I at next to each other in the back as Louis and Eleanor sat in the front.

"So love, what kind of music do you like to listen to?" he asked.
I smiled. "Mostly The Script, The Eagles, and Westlife. How about you?"
He grinned. "Mine too! How about movies?"
"The Godfather and Grease. How about you?"
He laughed. "Same!"

As we continued to talk about our personality, we have so much in common! It was like, it was unexplainable! It was so nice to finally find someone to actually connect to. I mean, Louis' my best friend but we don't have as much in common as Niall and I do.
"So Leisha, has Louis told you what were doing?" Niall asked, taking me away from my day dream.
"No," I said smiling. "He said it was a surprise,"
"You'll love it," he said as I giggled.

We soon arrived at the place and Niall and Louis swung around and opened our doors for us. He held out his hand for me as I slid out of the car. I grasped his hand as he led me into a small coffee shop. As we entered it, I noticed there were many posters for an open mic night tonight. I glanced at Louis as he eyed Niall and I.

"Very original date choice, Lou," I said giving him a light punch on the arm.
He then whispered low, "You have to sing,"
My eyes opened wide and my mouth formed an 'O' shape as I shook my head. "No way,"
"You sing, Leisha?" Niall asked grinning in my direction.
"Well, I um-"
Louis cut me off. "She's amazing,"
I sent Lou daggers as Niall looked amazed. Niall said, "Hey, if you want to sing tonight, I'll play the guitar while you sing,"
I blushed. "Are you sure? I don't want to make you or anything like that.."
He smiled and stepped closer. "No trouble at all, love. I'd love to play with you,"
I smiled. "Okay, I'll do it,"
He grinned and kissed my cheek. I blushed and signed both our names on the sign up sheet. The four of us grabbed a table and ordered drinks. Niall went and got a spare guitar as Louis, Eleanor, and I started talking.
"So Leisha, what do you think of Niall?" Eleanor asked me.
I blushed and smiled. "He's a really nice guy,"
She and I giggled as Louis rolled his eyes. He added, "Do I have bloomin' match making skills or what?"
I giggled and winked. "They are blooming,"

Once Niall came back, he sat beside me while tuning a spare guitar. His brow furrowed as he concentrated hard on getting it perfect.

"Do you play any instruments, Leisha?" he asked looking up from his strings.
I nodded. "A little bit of the piano,"
"That's ace!" he said. "How long have you been playing?"
"Since I was-"
I was cut off by a man tapping on a microphone, probably to test it. "Okay- first act of the night! Please, give a round of applause for Niall and Leisha!"

Louis whistled as Niall and I strolled up to the stage. He and I took a seat on two stools in front of two microphones.
"Hello!" I said. "We're going to be singing.."
Niall spoke up and said, "For The First Time by The Script,"
I smiled and nodded. As Niall began to play, I started to sing.

After The Song
Everyone in the coffee house stood up and started whistling, cheering, or clapping! Niall set down his guitar and stood up. He grasped my hand and raised it above our heads and lowered it as we bowed.

We strolled back down to our seats and sipped our drinks. I then turned to Niall and said,
"Thank you, Niall. That meant a lot to me,"
He smiled. "Of course, Leisha. I really enjoyed playing with you,"

We watched a couple more acts play before we left. Louis drove me back to my house and let me out. Niall jumped out and walked me up to my door. He then passed me a slip of paper and smiled. "I had a lot of fun tonight, Leisha. It was a real pleasure meeting you. Here's my number, call me if you want to get together again sometime,"

He then stepped close and gently pressed his lips against mine. He kissed me softly for a few seconds before pulling away and waving as he descended down to the car. I waved back and smiled, knowing I would definitely call him tonight.

* * *
Niall and I have been dating for a couple months now and I couldn't be happier. We connect so much on so many levels and it's just phenomenal! I feel like I can talk to him about anything and everything. He's like my knight in shining armor. No, wait- he is. Niall James Horan will always be my one and only love. My heart beats for him and him only. I've been dying to tell him how I really feel about him but I don't think he's ready. Niall has a lot on his plate right now and I wouldn't want to our any stress on him. But our relationship right now, is pretty much us having fun. We haven't exactly made any serious choices yet and I'm happy we're just spending time with each other.

"Leisha!" Niall said chuckling. "Where are you?"
I giggled as I snuck up behind him and jumped on his back, causing him to stumble front wards.
"Babe!" he said laughing. I jumped down and swung around and faced him.
"How was work today?" I asked cheerily. "How are the boys?"
"Good and good," he said giving me a quick peck on the cheek. I headed to Niall's kitchen and pulled out the phone book, and called for a pizza. Once I finished the call, Niall came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and twirled me around to face me.
"You know me too well," he said in my ear. I giggled as he gave me a big kiss on my cheek. "Can I ask you something, babe?"
I rolled my eyes. "Of course, you can!"
He laughed. "What if I asked you to move in with me?"
My eyes opened wide as the corners of my lips, curled to a huge smile. "I would immediately say yes," but then I thought of his career. "But, it's a big commitment Niall and I wouldn't want you to get distracted from your work,"
He smiled and pulled me closer. "You're the only commitment I want to make right now,"
I giggled. "So when should I get my stuff?"
"After dinner," he said with a wide grin.
"And where will I be sleeping?" I teased. He then moved one hand to the small of my back and the other to the top of my back and dipped me. I held on tight to his shoulders as he stared at my face.

"Did I ever tell you, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen? That your eyes make me melt? Your smile makes me want to kiss an hold you?" he asked.
I giggled. "You're the best, Nye,"
"I love you," he murmured.
"What?" I asked.
He pulled me back up and stared at my face. "I love you, Leisha," he continued, "With all my heart; and that will never change,"
I giggled and jumped in his arms. "Love you more, Niall. With a burning passion," I said before pressing my lips against his. We stood there, passionately kissing each other when I pulled away and raised my eye brows at him. He kissed me once more before he dashed for the bedroom.


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