If Clove Never Threw That Knife (A Clato Victory Story)

Since our other story about Thresh worked out so well, Beth and I are doing another, this time with CATO AND CLOVE!!! :D They are the most awesome characters ever!! CLATO IS AMAZING!! But you don't wanna hear my Cato/Clove rants.. you want to hear about the story! So here's how it goes. I will explain the story in the first chap., then Beth will start writing the actual story in chap. 2, which will be in Cato's POV. I will write the next chap. in Clove's POV, then it will go back and forth. :D

Chapter 1

Explanation of how Cato and Clove could have won!

You all know the scene in the Hunger Games bloodbath where Clove throws the knife at the boy from District 9 when he is fighting Katniss for the backpack, then Katniss runs, and Clove throws another knife at Katniss, and she catches it and runs away? Well, that knife caused the deaths of:

- Glimmer
- The girl from D4
- Rue
- The boy from D3
- Marvel
- Clove herself!
- Thresh
- And finally.. Cato :(

What would have happened if Clove never threw that knife at Katniss? The 74th Hunger Games would have played out in an entirely different way! And it's up to Beth and I to tell you all what might have been. Read on!

So should we write that story? 5 people tell us to do it, and we will! Thanks!

Chocolate kisses!
~ Sarah :)

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