Oh how I WISH that was me- (Harry Styles Love Story)

Oh how I WISH that was me- (Harry Styles Love Story)

Hey guys!! So i know it's been a while but that's just because my internet was down :( which gave me more time to think of new ideas! Hope you enjoy this. comments and criticism always wanted :) Enjoy!

Chapter 3

Say it ain't so

by: 1D4Life

“What more can I possibly say to you?” Victoria said with sass.
“How you met the hottest band in the world!” I yelled after her. She spun around on her heels to face me.
“I told you already though.” She sighed letting her shoulder sag.
“Tell me again. And this time with more detail.” I walked over to the couch and patted the seat next to me signaling her to sit down. She did so and started talking.
“I went to a club with some friends I made from the University one night and the place was packed! We thought we couldn’t get it because it was so filled. Anyway, we get inside and immediately head over to the bar for a drink.”
“You can’t drink though.” I said cutting her off.
“It’s the UK, I’m 18 it’s legal.” I nodded and she continued.
“So we go to the bar to get drinks and that’s when I notice this guy staring at me. Every time I caught his gaze though, he would look away. Eventually he came over and used a pretty cheesy pick up line but it was cute. He asked if I wanted to dance so I said okay and we headed to the dance floor. A slow song came on and he we started to slow dance together and he told me how he couldn’t keep his eyes off of me from the second he saw me which I thought was the sweetest thing in the world. When the song ended he kissed me and we ended up exchanging numbers and he asked me if I wanted to go home with him and his friends. I did and ever since then we were kind of inseparable.” Each word she said made my face get hot. Of course I was jealous. Everyday we spent together before her trip I would always talk about the band and how much I loved Harry. I wasn’t going to bring that up though, that would just make things awkward. I should look at it this way though; with her dating Harry I can now meet my all time favorite band at no cost. Even if it isn’t the way I pictured it.
“He really is a great guy.” She said while disturbing my thoughts.
“I bet he is.” I mumbled.
“Oh snap out of it Emily. You’re finally going to meet the band! What’s the problem?” I can’t run off with Harry, I thought.
“Nothing, I’m just really happy for you.” I lied.
“Aw thanks.” She said wrapping me in a hug. Her phone started ringing and it was WMYB.
“Nice ring tone.” I smirked
“Harry set it.” She laughed before answering it, and putting it on speaker.
“Hey babe.” She said into the phone.
“Hi love!” Harry chirped. God he’s sounds even cuter through the phone!
“What’s up?” She asked.
“The boys just arrived. They want to see you both.” Both?! I stared at the phone with a quizzical look before glancing up at Victoria.
“We’ll be right there. How the hotel?”
“Good, though I’m staying with you.”
“He’s staying at your place?” I asked her.
“Yeah.” She mumbled. Now I was really jealous.
“Are you guys coming over?” He asked.
“Yeah we’ll be there soon.”
“Okay, we’re on floor 23 room 2309.”
“Okay see you soon.” She hung and went over to the front door holding her purse while I was still on the couch.
“Em you coming?” She asked pointing out the door.
“Yeah.” I said getting up and walking over.

We arrived at the Plaza Hotel on Sunset Boulevard and there must’ve been hundreds of paparazzi cameras flashing everywhere.
“Why are all these people here?” Victoria asked. Man, sometimes she’s really stupid.
“What do you think?” I spat. She just shrugged. I just sighed and shook my head slowly.
“One Direction’s in there.”
“Oooohh.” She said. I rolled my eyes and we made our way inside getting a taste of the paparazzi as well. We took the elevator and walked right over to the hotel room in which the band was in. Victoria knocked and Niall answered. I went wide eyed as she said hello like they’ve known each other for the longest time.
“Come on in.” He said. We both walked in as he closed the door behind us leaving me to find all 5 boys lounging around on the couches.
“Guys this is Emily.” They all looked up and came over to me shaking my hand. I manage to say hello as I shook each one which believe it or not was pretty hard to do.
“So erm, what should we do since we are settled in for the time being?” Zayn asked while scratching the back of his neck.
“Anybody hungry?” Victoria asked. Since I knew the band very well I knew by heart that Niall would say he was.
“I am!” Niall said. Of course.
“You don’t count.” Louis said as he threw a pillow at him. After that the two of them started to fight on the floor until Liam stepped in. Good ole Daddy Directioner.
“I saw a diner, why don’t we go there?” Harry suggested.
“Sure.” I said. The rest of the boys including Victoria agreed and we all squeezed into Harry’s car and drove over. Little did I know that he pulled up in front of the diner I work at.
“Um can we go somewhere else?” I asked sounding a little nervous.
“Why?” Louis asked.
“She works here.” Victoria stated.
“YES! FREE FOOD!” Niall screamed as he ran out of the car and over to the front entrance. Liam ran after him as did Zayn while Louis, Harry, Victoria, and I took our time. I covered my face as we walked in since today I was supposed to be working instead of taking the day off. We managed to get seated without me getting caught. When I looked up from behind my menu I realized we were seated in my section. Great.
“Can I start you all off with something?” I recognized Justine’s voice right away. Everyone told her what they wanted and then it was my turn.
“Just water.” I said from behind the menu pretending to scan through it.
“Emily?” She asked. I slowly put the menu down and laughed nervously while looking up at her.
“Hey Justine.” I said weakly. She was tapping her pen on her notepad rapidly in deep thought.
“Can I see you for a moment?” She asked pointing over at the kitchen. I nodded and squeezed out of the circle booth and I heard Niall say “ooh” like I was in trouble. Which frankly, I think I was.

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