Oh how I WISH that was me- (Harry Styles Love Story)

Oh how I WISH that was me- (Harry Styles Love Story)

Hey guys!! So i know it's been a while but that's just because my internet was down :( which gave me more time to think of new ideas! Hope you enjoy this. comments and criticism always wanted :) Enjoy!

Chapter 1

It feels like forever right?!

by: 1D4Life
“Get out, get out, get out of my head. And fall into my arms instead!” I was plugged up listening to my Ipod, belting out the lyrics to my favorite band (One Direction) back in the kitchen area of this local diner I work at. Today I felt wasn’t as busy as usual and everything was making me feel tired and bored.
“Now I’m climbing the walls. But you don’t notice at all! That I’m going out of my mind, all day and all night.” My eyes were now closed and I was gripping my Ipod tightly now as I danced and spun around the kitchen area.
“Emily…EMILY!” I heard my name being shouted and I froze in place, eyes wide opened. I saw my boss, Mr. Gates, staring at me angrily with his arms crossed over his chest as he tapped his foot rapidly.
“Oh uh, hi Mr. Gates.” I said as I took my ear buds out.
“What do you think you’re doing?” He asked. I kept looking from side to side trying to find the right words to say.
“Waiting for the next batch of coffee to be done.” I struggled to say.
“Pots empty.” He said looking over at the coffee maker.
“Right, I’m just getting to it now.” I said with a big smile reaching over to the pot and quickly trying to start a new batch.
“If I catch you messing around again that’s it, you hear? We have tons of customers out there waiting to be served and I can’t have my employees messing around.” He said as he walked out.
“Sorry, won’t happen again!” I shouted after him. Once he was out of sight I leaned back against the counter and let out a deep sigh. That Mr. Gates was a tough one alright, but I need the money if I want to eat so that’s why I still manage to put up with him.
“Emily! I need more coffee!” I heard Justine (a co worker) yell from the front. I grabbed the now finished pot and tucked my Ipod into my apron and walked out. People were now crowding the place which caught me off guard for a second. I was staring at everything when Justine ran up to me.
“Don’t just stand there give me the pot!” She said taking it from me and rushing over to one of her tables.
“Emily, table three.” Kathy (another co worker) said to me as she rushed back into the kitchen with an empty circle tray in hand. I nodded and pulled out my notepad and proceeded to the table.
Once I finished taking the customers orders I raced back to place them.
“You alright Em?” Chico, the head chef, asked.
“Yeah, didn’t expect business to kick up today I guess.” I said.
“What do you expect? Slow mornings, busy afternoons, you know that.” I nodded.
“Yeah.” I sighed.
“How’s your friend Victoria? I haven’t seen her in awhile.” Chico said. Victoria was my best friend who went to London this summer to study at the University for a semester. When she first told me I nearly lost it since I knew that’s where One Direction was located.
“She’s studying at the London University for the summer.” I said to him.
“It’s September now though.” He stated.
“It’s the 1st. She should be coming home soon.” I said. My phone started ringing loudly and I quickly looked at the caller ID: Victoria My Love :).
“Speak of the devil.” I said out loud.
“Don’t let Gates see that.” Chico said pointing his spatula at my phone. I glanced at my phone before answering it.
“Hello?” I said into the receiver.
“EMILY!” Victoria shouted.
“VIC!? OMG! How’ve you been?” I squealed. I saw Chico staring at me, signaling for me to calm down so I wouldn’t be heard. I checked my surroundings and rushed into the bathroom where there was more privacy. I knew she said something but I was too distracted to hear.
“Sorry, what’d you say?” I asked since I could focus now.
“I said I was fine, never better actually. Everything okay?” She asked with concern in her voice.
“Yeah, I had to sneak away cause you know…Gates.” I said running my fingers through my hair.
“Right, got it.” She said.
“So tell me everything!” As soon as the words left my mouth she started to ramble on and on about everything. The friends she made, the sights she saw, the clothes she bought. Then she mentioned a guy she met.
“A guy?!” I said all surprised.
“Yep. He’s actually flying back with me when I come home. I know for sure you’ll love him!”
“When are you coming home?”
“Tomorrow morning.”
“That soon?! You never told me!” I said completely shocked.
“End of the summer remember?” She said in a know-it-all tone. I rolled my eyes even though she couldn’t see.
“I remember.”
“Doesn’t it feel like forever since you last saw me?” She asked.
“It sure does. I have to get back to work. I’ll see you and your new guy tomorrow.”
“Yep. We will come by your place.” She said.
“Can’t wait!” I hung up after saying goodbye and put my phone into my back pocket before rushing back out to finish my job. Thoughts of Victoria’s new guy kept racing through my mind as time passed. Who could it possibly be?

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