Safe and Sound~ A story

In the world of Abbot, love is a disease. Love can lead to dangerous and crazy things and in order to prevent it, Abbotians have developed a cure. Everyone is forced to take the cure at the age of 17. Perentice James is now 17 and it is the day of her procedure. There is just one problem, Perentice doesn't want to take it.

She has joined the Rebels' side. The Rebels' are going inside the perimeter of Abbot, risking it all in order to allow love to return to society.

Chapter 3

I remember you said, "Don't leave me hear alone"

"Welcome to the Rebels' headquarters." We stand on top of rock hard soil and see nothing in front of us, but dust and dirt.

"I don't see it," I say to Ben, the name of the boy who brought us out here. He smiles.

"That's because it is underground." He bends down and I watch as Arean and Lila wait for something to happen. Ben pulls out a clump of grass, revealing a button. He presses the button and puts the clod of dirt back in it's place.

Suddenly the ground beneath me begins to rumble. Then, before I know it, Ben is on top of me, having pushed me away from falling into the crack. It's become light enough to notice his black hair and the rest of his face. His eyes are even more of an ice-blue than they were before. He seems to be examining me as well, since he isn't getting off. He grins, accenting the scar on his left cheek bone. "Sorry, Perentice." His breath is hot against my skin, but then I realize my face is heating up from the embarassment of him on top of me.

I roll him over, pinning him to the ground. "Next time, think before falling on someone like me." I hastily release my tight grip on his wrists and I hop into the opening that the ground has made.

"'Scuse me." Ben moves in between Arean and Lila and swipes a card, afterwards, pressing a button. The ground above us closes and we start to drop, fast. Did I mention that I have motion sickness? Because I do. I grip my fingers onto the railing and close my eyes, trying to keep the throw-up down.The elevator stops abruptly, causing a jolt to rush up my body. The doors open and light brightens, making me squint.

"Are you okay?" Lila asks me as Ben walks ahead of us. "You look a bit pale." I nod and take in a deep breath, my chest feeling clenched. Walking out of the elevator, I see high-tech computers, camaras, weapons which all make me realize what I've been missing out on. The Rebels are a lot more advanced than I thought.

A tall lady stands in the center of the room on a pedestal, throwing orders around and telling people what to do to prepare. Prepare for what is the question. She then spots us walking towards her. She says something into her mike and walks off the podium.

"Hello there," the lady says in a charming accent, "My name is Quinn and I am the co-head of this Rebel organization. I see that you have met my son, Ben. Make yourselves feel welcome here. Ben, give these kids their cards and give them a tour around the place. Oh, and sweetheart, also show them to their rooms. give them 503A, 503B, and... give this one 201C." She says pointedly at me. I am taken back by her singling me out, so I ask her a question.

"Why don't I get to be with my friends?"

"I can tell your type, and you won't be working with the 500's. think of it as an upgrade. These two here will be working on the inside of the operation. You, darling, will be working on the outside. Any other questions?" I can hear in her voice that she is getting irritated, but I ask her one more thing.

"What are we preparing for?" Her lips curve up and I see where Ben gets his evil smile from.

"An attack. Enough questions. Take a look around." She turns away from us and walks over to the camaras. I hold my hand out towards Ben.

"Card," I don't feel like looking around. I'll find my way. Eventually... He holds out a card and just when I am about to grab it from him, he pulls back.

"I'm not going to give you a card until I want to give you a card. Let me show you the different floors." We head back to the underground elevator and we head in. "Obviously, what you just saw is my parents' work base." He shows us the buttons. "L1 is rooms 1A- 199D. L2 is rooms 200A- 299D. L3 is rooms 300A- 399D. L4 is rooms 400A- 499D. L5 is rooms 500A- 599D. L6 is rooms 600A- 600D. HB is for home base, which is this level. SB1 is for sub-base 1 which we will head to in a second. SB2 is for sub-base 2 which I will show you afterwards. K is the kitchen which is only accessible with a certain card which none of you have. RC is for the recreation center for senior citizens, which we will stop by, but you all will not have access to. DR is for the dining room, which is where we eat, obviously. W is for weaponry which Perentice will have access to. GF is for ground floor which was the top where we entered in through. BR is for bathrooms. H is for hospital which is more of a clinic. CD is for clothes department where you will find suitable attire. Arean and Lila, you will be working in sub-base 2. Are you guys ready to check out sub-base 1?"

"No," I say automatically, "Is there any way to travel without using this elevator?"

"Unfortunately, no." I groan and sink to the floor, resting my head in my arms. I hear the doors close and we start speeding up at least 5 levels. I raise my hand to my forehead, becoming suddenly dizzy. When the elevator lurches to a stop, my stomach flips and I lean over, throwing up my previous meal.

"Oh, god. You okay Perentice?" Arean asks, his hand rubbing my back supportingly. Lila helps me up to my feet and leads me away from the mess. I hear Ben murmer something into a device telling someone to clean up in the elevator as the elevator shuts, sending us moving again. We speed down 2 floors and it comes to a halt again.

"Arean and Lila, here are your cards. You can check out your rooms or go get something to eat in the dining room. I'll help your friend, Perentice here." Ben comes over a lifts my arm around his shoulder for balance his arm wraps around my stomach, holding me up. My thin dirt-brown hair falls in my face as Ben helps me out the elevator. The elevator door dings, sending the only people I know away from me.

I then feel like my little sister right before I left last night, wanting to cry out, "Don't leave me here alone!"

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