Safe and Sound~ A story

In the world of Abbot, love is a disease. Love can lead to dangerous and crazy things and in order to prevent it, Abbotians have developed a cure. Everyone is forced to take the cure at the age of 17. Perentice James is now 17 and it is the day of her procedure. There is just one problem, Perentice doesn't want to take it.

She has joined the Rebels' side. The Rebels' are going inside the perimeter of Abbot, risking it all in order to allow love to return to society.

Chapter 2

When all those shadows almost killed your light

"I can't believe we are doing this!!" I hear Arean say and I see him kiss my other best friend in the light of the moon.

"Jeeez, guys. Keep your hands to yourselves right now. We need to escape without getting caught."

"You are such a party pooper, Perentice," Lila says and we move around Abbot Bank.

"Arean, where did your friend tell us to meet her?"

"Him, Perentice. At the back gate of Abbot." Five minutes from now and we will be there. What spikes my curiousity is how we are going to escape out of Abbot. I have never been outside the grounds. Guards are there day and night, so would they have someone from the Rebels guarding tonight?

I'm still thinking when Lila thrusts me backwards against a wall. My breath catches in my throat as I see shadows on the ground. I move more near them and I see both Arean and Lila pierce daggers into me, urging me not to move closer. I finally get within reach to eavesdrop on what they are saying because whatever it is, it has to be important enough for no one else to hear.


"Yes. This time it wasn't just one. It was three. Do you think it's someone we know?"

"No! No one would betray Abbot like that... would they? Never mind, just keep me posted General. No one else is dying on my watch."

"Yes President Torianus." I watch the shadows part ways and turn back to Lila and Arean.

"Deaths. People are dying inside Abbot and I don't think it's from natural causes either. Do you think that... the Rebels..." Arean nods.

"They wouldn't kill our families, would they?" Lila asks, squeezing her fingers into Arean's bicep. I watch him cringe from her fingernails.

"They might. Let's get moving," I say, forcing myself not to think about it. My eyes catch the sight of the gray walls and I lean my back against it. It's now or never. If the guard catches us, it's an automatic sentence to death.

"Rachel escapes before evening leaves," I hear a voice whisper in the dark. I look around to see who made the sound. Are they stupid or something?

"Rick earns black earrings later," I hear Arean say. A figure pops up beside me, scaring the living daylights-- err... nightlights?-- out of me. I cover my mouth before screaming.

"That is the worst one I've heard yet, Arean. You could've definitely done better than that." The young man's sparkling blue eyes stand out in the dark. He motions us to follow him.

"It's a code," Arean whispers to Lila. It doesn't take long to figure out what the code means, which is good, because I would not have noticed that the guy in front of me has stopped. He reaches into his back pocket for a... tube? I watch as he puts the weapon in his mouth and aim it toward the guard protecting the gates inside. He spits something out of the straw like container and the man drops to the ground.

"Run," The boy's voice said too late. We were already making a run for it. Lila, Arean and I know that our time is limited, even if we don't know for how long. I watch as Arean is the first one out. Of course he is first, he is the top runner in our gym class. Lila then runs into his arms and gives him a big smooch on the lips, excited that she is doing something brave for a change. Her arm is around Arean's waist and Arean's arm is over her shoulder as they watch me run towards them.

Their reason for escaping is obvious. They love each other and want to be free to always feel that way. My only reason is to be loved right by my family. I shouldn't leave. I should be a good girl and just go through with the procedure. I should set a good example for Sapphire. She deserves a sister for life, not for five years. I feel that I have stopped moving. My feet are right inside the gate. I watch Lila and Arean wave for me to come join them. I take a step backward.

I can't do this. My family is depending on their oldest child to be normal. By escaping, I would break whatever is left of their hearts. I look beside me and see that the boy is watching me with curiousity, but not disappointment. He passes through the gate and holds his hand out to me.

"Trust me." He gives me an understanding look, even if he doesn't understand. He never grew up here and he doesn't realize the risk I am taking. What I am doing will disrespect the family to come. "Please, trust me." I close my eyes and push my fears down my throat. I then take his hand.

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