Safe and Sound~ A story

In the world of Abbot, love is a disease. Love can lead to dangerous and crazy things and in order to prevent it, Abbotians have developed a cure. Everyone is forced to take the cure at the age of 17. Perentice James is now 17 and it is the day of her procedure. There is just one problem, Perentice doesn't want to take it.

She has joined the Rebels' side. The Rebels' are going inside the perimeter of Abbot, risking it all in order to allow love to return to society.

Chapter 16

Come morning light, you and I'll be safe and sound

13 years later

I zip up the back of the white wedding dress and look in the mirror. Beautiful is the only worth to describe the image.

Sapphire clips on the veil onto her hair. I watch as she smiles in the mirror with her teeth.

"You're beautiful, Saph," I observe and plant a kiss on her cheek, "You look like an angel. Chris is going to love you in that dress." My sisters cheeks fire up and she looks away from the mirror.

"I hope so," she says to herself and turns to me. She chews on her bottom lip, reducing the glossy shine, "Are you sure you are okay with this?" My eyebrows rise in surprise.

"Am I okay with this? Are you kidding, Saph? You couldn't find a more loving man!"

"I know," she admits, "but I always thought that you would get married first." My heart stops for a second when an image of Ben flashes through my head.

"You're so old-fashioned, Sapphy. Don't worry about me." My sister's white gloved thumb wipes away a loose teardrop that I didn't feel fall. I shake my head and plaster on my brightest smile. "We need to get going. Don't want to make the groom sweat."

We exit her room and walk down the stairs. I give my sister one last hug, before taking my place behind all the rest of the bridesmaids, including my good and married friend, Lila. I look over my shoulder and see my sister take the arm of our subsitute dad, Drake-- Ben's father.

"Wait!!" I hear a voice shout and I view a man running towards us. He has Ben's eyes, but definitely isn't someone I know. He comes up to Sapphire and begins to speak. "Charlie can't make it, so I'm going to be taking the place for best man." I look beside me and that's when I notice that Charlie actually isn't there. Sapphire nods and waves him to join me. He walks up to me and gives me a smile. The same type of smile that Ben always gave me.

"Kyle," he says.

"Perentice," I tell him and smile. The doors to the backyard then open and music begins to play. We walk down the aisle with my hand placed gently in his arm.

My eyes scan the front rows and I see Quinn and my mother sitting together. I give them a small nod and they smile back at me. When we reach the front, I break contact from Kyle and stand as a maid-of-honor. My sister then begins to walk as the flower girl in front of her scatters petals along the floor. I turn to see the groom with his grin so wide that it makes me believe that my sister's marriage is going to last.

The music stops and my sister lays her fingers in Chris' palms. The priest begins with the usual words and I patiently wait.

"I do," my sister finally says. I smile happily and my eyes accidentally meet Kyle's staring ones. He doesn't even seem to be embarrassed by watching me and he winks. A blush flies across my cheeks and the flowers that I hold feel heavier.

The couple ends with a kiss and the audience politely applauds.

My sister then walks back out of the backyard with her new husband, but before she exits through the doors, she turns and blows me a kiss. I use my open hand to catch it and I smile. A perfect ending.

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