Safe and Sound~ A story

In the world of Abbot, love is a disease. Love can lead to dangerous and crazy things and in order to prevent it, Abbotians have developed a cure. Everyone is forced to take the cure at the age of 17. Perentice James is now 17 and it is the day of her procedure. There is just one problem, Perentice doesn't want to take it.

She has joined the Rebels' side. The Rebels' are going inside the perimeter of Abbot, risking it all in order to allow love to return to society.

Chapter 1

I remember tears streaming down your face when I said I'll never let you go

My parents were raised to believe that love is an epidemic that needs a cure. In fact, my great grandfather was the creator of the pointless cure. I was raised as well to believe that love was a poison.

So why does it feel so great? Every night I want to tell my mother I love her, I want to tell my father I love him, and I want to tell my little sister to keep me safe in her heart. Well, I do tell my sister that, since she still has the ability to love.

That's why I ran away. I still remember the night. Everything was quiet and no one was going to be awake that late at night. It was the perfect enviornment to escape with my two best friends in the world. That's before I heard my 5-year old sister's voice in the dark.

"Perentice." I turned around as if I was caught stealing all the cookies in the cupboard. She was standing in the dark, clutching her blanket to her chest and sucking her tiny thumb. I rushed to her, dropped my bag, and wrapped her in my arms. Her golden hair smelled of strawberries. "Don't leave me Perentice." For a little girl, she tended to know a lot.

"I'm not going to leave you, Sapphire. I'm going to stay right here." She begins to cry.

"I thought you were going to leave me here all alone. I love you Perri." I quickly shushed her.

"You know what Mommy and Daddy think of that word." I paused and I heard some ruffling in the bushes. My friends arrived on time that night. "I love you, too Saph, but you need to go back to bed. I am just going to go for a walk."

"Really? You promise you won't leave." I smiled as best I could and wiped the tears raining onto her cheeks.

"I promise Saph. I promise I will never let you go," I lied. I motioned her to the direction of her room and I picked up my bag, watching her close her door.

I promised myself to keep that promise. My friends and I were joining the Rebels' for a reason. We were joining to help the ones we love, to help them love back. Now, I have a new reason and that reason included Sapphire.

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