I'm Broken (Liam Payne Love Story)

This Liam Payne love story is about a girl named Heaven who was best friends with Harry Styles since she was 12. When Heaven found out that her best friend was on X-factor. She hasn't seen Harry for 2 years so decided to suprise him by coming to London to stay with Harry's mom. She than meets the boy of her dreams or so she thinks. Heaven puts up a battle to stay alive so she can be with the boy of her dreams.

Chapter 1

X-Factor Suprise

"Heaven wake up, it's 3pm" "Gosh ok mom" I turned over in bed well at least I thought I was in bed but no I was on the couch. When I rolled over i fell off. "Dammit" "I heard that" I heard mom say from in the kicthen.

"Sorry" I mumbled just as loud so she could here. "Come on get up I wanna watch X-factor" I heard my sister Delaney say and than i felt a lump jump on me. "Gaww get off you elephant" I heard her sigh and than i felt the lump being lifted off of me.

I quikly got up and got dressed into a pair of denim short shorts and a baggy T-shirt. When I came back I seen Delaney and my mom staring at the tv in shock. "Why are you guys looking at the tv like that?" I said as I turned to look at the tv.

There I saw his super curly hair. "Harry" I mumbled "OMG I can't believe he didn't tell me he was gonna be on X-factor" I screamed at Delaney. "Umm sis you guys don't talk anymore" "Well it's not my fault he lives in London and I live in America" I sighed as i took a seat next to Delaney and watched Harry sing.

When he was done singing we all were in shock. I looked over at Delaney the same time she looked at me. "Wow he sings really good and he's also HOT" she said with her mouth up. "Shut up and close your mouth" I said as I lifted my hand and shut her mouth for her.

I looked over to mom but she wasn't there. Then I heard her walk down the hallway on the phone. "Thanks Anne I will tell her right now.....she will be so excited.......k bye." "Mom who was that?" I looked over to see Delaney just as confused as I am. "Heaven that was Anne Styles Harry'ss mom."

I couldn't believe my ears. My MOM just got off the phone with my best friends mom. You got to be kinding me. "Why were you talking to Anne?" I am so confused. "Well Heaven...since Harry is on X-factor and you haven't seen him for awhile.....I called Anne up and asked her if it was ok if you stayed with Anne for awhile.....well at least till Harry is done with X-factor." What? My mom wants me to fly all the way to London to see my best friend Harry Styles?

"What do you think hun?" I am still shocked. "I..I Love it.......thanks mom I love you so much." I went up to hug her. "Wait...by my self? Or is Delaney coming?" I looked over at Delaney to see her smiling and shaking her head. "No...I'm not going with you....your going by your self." What OMG I am so excited. "When am I leaving?" I looked at mom with a huge smile on my face.

"Tomorrow morning at 9 hun.....you better start packing" "Wait tomorrow but it's...." I whent to check the time on my phone. "Already 7:45?" What there is no way I can pack in that little of time exspecialy scince I'm going to London. "I'll help you Heaven don't worry" "Thanks Dealney I love you...come on let's pack then." I quick pulled her into my room.

We packed almost everything I have and that's alot. We finally got done at 10:30. "Phew thanks again sis." I went to hug her. "No problem....you might want to get to bed it's already 11." I nodded relizing the time. "Night De" "Night Hev." I put my head on my pillow and drifted off to sleep dreaming about how London will be. I hope Harry remembers me. Oh of course he will. I hope!!!!

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