1, 2, 3 Flick. (Liam Payne ♥)

1, 2, 3 Flick. (Liam Payne ♥)

You guys asked for it! Here's the main information.

Name: Casey Pierce
Age: 18
Looks: Long Brown Hair. Slim. 5'7. Heart shaped face. Tan. Brown eyes.
Personality: shy at first. really nice when you get to know her. Mysterious and friendly.
Other: has a sister

Chapter 1

Ugh. One Direction

"One Direction. Five boys who captured the hearts of millions of girls. I get it. They're a big deal." I said impatiently to my 11 year old sister.
"Yes and that's why you're taking me to their concert! Mom got us backstage passes!" I stopped in my tracks. I could handle going to London for a week and chauffeuring my sister around to her little one direction fantasies, but meeting them? No. I wouldn't have it.
"No I'm not." I said flipping the channel hoping to find something that didn't involve something about One Direction.
"We are in London you mine as well." She had a point. Even if I wasn't a fan of them it would still be cool to say I met them.
"Fine, but its going to be quick." I surrendered. My brown eyes searched through the t.v. menu. Nothing good. I turned off the channel and looked out the hotel window. It was dark and the stars were just peaking through the clouds. Day 1 in London complete. Now tomorrow I just have to suffer through the whole concert and then the ultimate torture, meeting them.
"Well we better get to bed early Kate." I told my little sister. I had just gotten out of the shower not to long ago and had set an outfit out for her and myself. Id probably end up changing any way but still. She climbed up to her bed and slid under the dark green sheets. I turned out the lights and whispered goodnight. Within minutes I was fast asleep. I tossed and turned the whole night. I was having horrible dreams of meeting One Direction in my underwear. I felt a sudden shake of the bed and I bolted upright.
"Geez lady. Get up we need to leave soon." My sister said waving the backstage passes in my face. Ugh. She could be such a pest sometimes. I got up and threw on my baggy purple sweater and pulled on my deep blue skinny jeans. Figuring I'd be uncomfortable in heels I slid on a pair of socks and put on my black and pink Osiris shoes. I left my hair be in the messy bun I had woke up in. I put on some mascara and blush and brushed my already white teeth.
"You ready?" I asked Kate.
"Duh." She mocked walking out of the room. I quickly followed grabbing my oversized purse and hotel key. We called a cab and were on our way to meet One Direction. Obviously we had arrived late as there was already a huge line down the block. As I stepped out of the cab Kate dragged me to the front doors.
"Kate we can't!" I objected. She ignored me and continued to drag mme along.
"We have backstage passes." She said simply showing them to the security gaurds. They looked from her to eachother. Four security gaurds were sent to hold off the crowd as we entered the building. There they were. One Direction. Well their backs. Not their faces.
"Geez Case. Calm down." Kate muttered. Maybe I was a bit more excited than I had thought before. The tallest one turned around at the sound of Kates voice. He looked surprised. But oh so gorgeous. He smiled and waved but turned back around to talk to the other boys. My knees were literally hitting eachother. What was happening to me?

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