Its Everything About You (Harry Styles Love Story)

Brooke Dawson~ Brown hair that falls just below her shoulders, greenish eyes with yellow specks, she's 5'3 and fit, just turned 18, she's 'the Beauty w/ a Beat'.
Harry Styles~ Perfect ♥
Brooke moves to England w/ her mom, cause her mom got a job transfer. Brooke's father died in a plain crash when she was 8. So Brooke and her mom were use to living with just each other. They're moving in w/ Brooke's aunt (her mom's sister) who lives in this big, beautiful, house all by herself, in England.

Chapter 1

Start of Something New

by: Kalei_
We pull up in our rental car, 2011 BMW, and park in the driveway of our new house. "Oh my-" "God," I finish my mom's sentence. We sat there in a gaze. "It's beautiful." I nod my head in agreement. It looks like this,r:8,s:0,i:138 I get out of the car and walk up to the front door, my mom trailing not too far behind. I knock on the door. A few seconds later, I hear foot steps then the door opens. I'm greeted with a big hug from my Aunt Ellen. I have seen her in a few years. She hugs my mom next. "Come in, come in," she said with a slight accent, smiling big. "You live here all by yourself?" I ask, in shock. "Well, I have a few maids that come by and keep me company but other than that.. yep," she said. "Would you guys like a tour?" Aunt Ellen asked. "That would be wonderful," my mom spoke for the both of us. Aunt Ellen should us around the house. Everything was so cool! There's an inside rollerskating rink, an inside basketball court (that's never been used), an inside swimming pool, a mini movie theater, a game room, a spa... this place has everything!

Finally, we made our way to the bedrooms, there's about 6 or 7. All of them are different colors and them based. One was like a couples getaway, everything romantic and flirty. Another was like a field if beautiful flowers, everything bright. My mom's room was like a night out in the city, "Oh my god! Ellen, you completely went out over your way! You didn't have to do all this!" My mom, obviously, loved it. "Well, I have lots of free time," she shrugged and smirked. "Thank you, this is just amazing!" "Your welcome.' they hugged and mom stayed in her room, amazed, and checking everything out. "Now its your turn. I think you're really gonna like it," she smiled. She opened the door to my room, which was right across from my mom's. I gasped. "I know you like things more simple. Your mom said you like purple and white, and stuff like that. So I put this together for you," she smile nervously, hoping I'd like it. And I did, I loved it! It looks like this,r:6,s:0,i:92 "I love it! Thanks so much, Aunt Ellen," I give her big hug. "I knew you would," she smiled. "Dinner is in an hour (at 6:30), and I invited the neighbors over and they have a son I think might like," she grinned and she left my bedroom. A boy? I smiled to myself. I shrugged the thought off, he probably wouldn't like me anyway. I explore my bedroom and find a walk in closet full of clothes. There tons of different styles; girly, classy, hipster.. etc. "Are these all for me?" I asked. Not expecting an answer. There was still price tags on them. I looked at one and it was $79.99 for just a casual dress. "Geez, where does she shop?"


I put together ♥ I straighten over my slightly wavy hair just put a beanie cap on over it. I put on a light amount of make up and take one more good look in the mirror. I smile. "Thank you Aunt Ellen," I grin to myself. I take out my phone, its 6:26, I slide my phone back into my pocket and head downstairs to the kitchen. My mom and Aunt Ellen our finishing up cooking. "Brooke dear, would you mind setting the table up for me?" Aunt Ellen asks with a kind voice. "Yeah sure," I reply. She directs me to where the place mats are and I put them in front of each seat, the table sits 10 people. I then put out the silverware at each place mat. "Done," I say as I adjust the flower vase. My mom and Aunt Ellen load the table with food. I take in a god whiff. "Mmmm, it smells great," I say. "Thanks," they say at the same time. I hear a knock at the door, "I got it!" I assure them and open the door, a lady and 5 boys stood. One boy had brown curly hair, his smile caught my eye. One had blonde hair, one with brown Justin Bieber-ish hair, one with black hair, and the last one with brown hair and side swept bangs. The one with curly hair must be the ladies son, I could tell by their features. "C'mon in," I smile and close the door behind them. "I smell food!" The blonde one exclaims, I laugh to myself. Aunt Ellen walks over. "I see you brought the garbage can with you," Aunt Ellen joked. So the blonde one is Niall. "Anne, Steven working late again?" she asked. "Yeah, he said he'll have to come over for dinner another time," the lady, Anne, said her accent strong. "Definitely. Oh Anne, this is my niece, Brooke," my Aunt introduced me. My mom walks over. "And this is my sister, and Brooke's mom, Teresa," she introduced mom and we all shook hands. "Its very nice to meet you, Brooke and Teresa. This is my son, Harry and his friends Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis." "Hey," they all said. "Hello, it's nice to meet you boys," my mom said with a kind tone of voice. "Hey," I said casually and smiled.


"The food was great, Ellen! Can I come here for dinner every night?!' Niall exclaimed. "Um, maybe that's not a good idea, Niall," Aunt Ellen chuckled. Niall frowned.
I saw Harry staring at me, our eyes make contact. I quickly look away. He does the same. Well, that was awkward, I thought to myself. "Well we better get going," Anne says and stands up. "Dinner was great, thank you. How bout next weekend, you all could come over my house for dinner?" Anne offers. "Sounds good to me," Aunt Ellen says.

When they leave, Harry's slips a piece of paper in my hand, "Text me," he grins, sheepishly. His small accent makes me melt. "I mean, if you want," he stutters then smiles nervously. I blush. "Okay," I manage to choke out. And he leaves. I closed the door and smile to myself. Maybe I'll like it here after all, I think to myself.


I help clean up then I go up to my room and watch tv til I fall asleep.

Did you like it? I have lots of ideas pouring into my mind. I'll write more later tonight!
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