I'm Only a Nerd (Loki Love Story)

Loki decides to go back in time in the year 1940 when America was beginning war with Germany. He decides to go back to steal the tesseract and kill Dr.Abraham Erskine. The scientist who created the " super solider" drug which gives volunteer veteran Steve Rogers the powers to become Captain America the first avenger created in american history. But all that changes when he meets a pathetic nerdy 15 year old girl named Norma in which he will change her life drastically and history itself will nev

Chapter 1



Dear Diary,

I haven't got any time left... I have to tell my story. Slowly each day I'm forgetting who I am and where am I.... I'm losing my mind. My health is slowly degrading... I feel sick every day and I'm not getting any better. My illness started when I began to worry about him.... I worried if he would keep his promise to me. I'm writing this because if I lose my memory I'm going to forget about the promise he made. Oh hell even if I do read this It probably won't ring a bell in my head. But at least if someone finds this they'll know what actually happened. How my story actually begins. I've been telling a lie for the past 36 years and I can't take it anymore. If the people want my real story then heck I'll give it to them. My god I can't believe it's been so many years since I last saw him..... Well it felt like yesterday since the first time he came into my home on that cold winter night.I was very young.... So young. But he saw my pain and weakness and helped me become the women I am today. I have changed so many lives and I've left my footprint in the history books for decades to come. I owe it all to him.... To the one and only god of mischief Loki or as he calls himself Tom when he came to earth. So I guess I should start writing before anything else slips my mind... I have time tonight. I also suffer from insomnia... Very badly. I don't sleep anymore not after so many tragedies came in to my life and I had to deal with them alone. Loki would always give me the best advice when I was in trouble. He was sort of my mentor and coached me through life. But the past years he hasn't been here to help me.... It's like he vanished and left me here. Abandoned. I've tried so many times calling him.... but yelling at the sky and wishing on a hopeless star gets tiring after 36 years. Now it's time write my last memories of him before it's too late. I feel the end drawing near and everyone knows it. It's time to get out of the pictures and flashes of glamour and look back to the past where it all began.... One cold winters night

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