Twilight - From The Guy Trapped Inside Edward's Body's POV

The sad story of a young boy trapped inside a body that he doesn't control who is forced to love some freaky vampire loving chick.

The point of view changes in the second chapter, just a warning to avoid confusion.

Warning: Some people may find the first chapter depressing. Suicide. But only in that chapter, I think.

Chapter 1

The Brief Story of Pre-Edward

He sat at a bus stop, in pitch darkness, his long legs tucked up to him, as he squished in the corner. The only source of light was his lighter as he lit up a cigarette, the lighting making is pale skin look orange kind of like an Oompa Loompa. He sighed as the lighter flicked off, the darkness reconsuming him.

Dark and cold, not two of the boy's favourite things but it beats home. Speaking of homes, he must've looked homeless to the strangers that had stopped passing by. It had been hours since had seen anyone, hours since his iPod had died.

Kicking the empty cigarette packet away, he shook. It was cold when he was squished up in the bus stop shelter and even colder out in the wind.

His hair whipped around painfully hitting his eyes, the wind pushed against him, the bus shelter not protecting him enough. The rain began to pick up and the boy gave up on his smoke, throwing it in a puddle that had already managed to form. An umbrella would be handy or even a coat, just not the thin tee-shirt he had put on. Stupid. I'm so stupid. he thought, hugging is legs for warmth that wasn't going to gather.

He gave up on the bus shelter. Before staggering out into the wind, he shoved his bag inside his shirt, hoping it's contents didn't get soaked. A few seconds and his hopes were dashed.

By the time he reached his first destination, a twenty-four hour super market, he was saturated, shaking and exhausted.

The only cashier present raised an eye brow at him but didn't say a word. The raised eyebrow really showed off her protruding forehead and her unhappy expression. She wore a name tag that read "Steph M" followed by hearts and smiley faces. The boy didn't even give her a second glance, heading for the back of the store instead.

Pulling the backpack out of his shirt, he laid his things out on the floor, checking they were all okay. To an outsider it would all look like junk. Some glasses, a book, a bottle of brown alcohol, some money, a clear jar of beads, some keys attached to a white card, some home-made bracelets, water stained photographs, a lighter, an iPod and more crap.

The outsider was Steph, who had climbed the shelves to peer over. He's hot! she thought. She was pretty off, the strange boy was a little funny looking. Small, murky green eyes, a large forehead, bizarrely coloured bronze hair, too full lips and a crooked nose. Overall, his face just didn't really work for him.

She was staring at the way his tee-shirt had gone practically transparent and was clinging to his back when he began to pack up his things. She quickly scampered back to her post at the cash register as not to seem creepy for spying. In her opinion spying was left to the males as she slept.

In a few minutes the boy went to pay for a coat, an umbrella, a candy bar and a bottle of milk.

"All this way, in the rain, for a bottle of milk?" she attempted to smile and sound flirty but the smile was lopsided and she just sounded tired, "Mom couldn't wait 'til the morning, huh?"

She received death glare from her customer, who was screaming in his head. How dare she talk about my mom? She doesn't know me. She doesn't know anything. This continued as she fixed the receipt printer.

"So, what's your name?" she asked, oblivious to his angry thoughts.
"Anthony," he said, snatching at the receipt and doing his best not to run out. Unprofessional cow.

Steph stared after Anthony until he was out of sight and out of mind.


Anthony was proud of his stroke of genius, the milk. If he hadn't gotten it he would have looked more suspicious than he did. Most seventeen year old boys walking about in the middle of the night's rain. Being stop would have pushed him back a few steps in what he had set out that evening to do.

What he was going to do... The mere though had his heart racing. He was going to jump.

He had spent ages planning and stealing to get what he needed. He had thought out what to leave for his friends (notes inside his favourite comic book) and how best to ignore his family, unlike his friends, they wouldn't care. They would pretend to but.. It'll just be like a puppy died. You cry, mope but you just get over it.

Everyone would.

It was to windy for the umbrella but with the coat, Anthony stayed slightly warmer. That's a good thing considering he had a twenty minute walk into town a head of him.

He was heading to a building, with fifteen buttons in the elevator. He had checked it out for a few minutes in the morning, only going to the floors that were open to the public. It was a building that held several offices for different companies that Anthony didn't care about. All he needed from the building was the roof.

Anthony lost his status as public when he swiped the buildings keys from his father's work bag. He wouldn't notice for a few days. Not like it's the only building he had keys to. His father worked as an air conditioner fixer, it had a special name Anthony didn't care to learn, and had keys to most the buildings in town. The keys were kept in a safe in Anthony's house, easy access.

Passing drunk adults sliding in and out of cars and running through the rain, that had begin to ease off. He frowned and turned his walk into a slight stomp. They were having fun, laughing, smiling. He was about to die and they didn't even look at him. He wished for the joy they had.

The joy he would never have if he went through with this.

Finally there, he pulled out his keys. Letting himself in he looked around for other people, no one. It was dark though, Anthony really doesn't like the dark. He made his way to the elevator and pressed the button. He waited and waited for the door to ding and open. The door opened with out the ding, how strange.

At the top floor, Anthony found a flaw in his plan. How do you even get to the roof?

He wandered aimlessly until he found the stairs. He went up two flights and came across a door and there he was on the roof.

It was beautiful, if you ignored the dead birds laying around. The sun was beginning to rise as he sat down on the edge and looked down. The clouds were clearing to show red morning skies. It was brilliant.

He wondered how long he had until security noticed he was there... He unpacked his pack again, dangling his legs over the edge. He put them down in order of importance, the further away, the less important to him. On his other side he set the alcohol. He was going to down that before he took flight.

Relaxing in the sun, taking his drink slow. Thinking it all over. How it came to this... Why he was there...

By the time he was ready, the morning traffic had began below him, people were walking the streets. He was surprised he went unnoticed.

Anthony thought about how to do this. he could hardly just jump, imagine if he landed on someone! Remember the man in Paris that left the mark in the ground? If he landed on someone.. Ugh. He was here to end his own life, not some innocent strangers.

He looked at his things and began pushing them off. They all fell and fell until the became to small for him to see. He stood, counted to ten and pushed off.

For a few seconds he flew, but that changed quickly. He windmilled his arms around looking for something, anything to grab. He screamed. He closed his eyes.

What the hell was I thinking! I don't want this! Someone help me! he screamed in his mind, followed by short cries of "Oh god!"

This was taking an awful long time, he thought it would only last seconds. The wind stopped rushing by his ears. Something grabbed his arms.

I must be dead...

"You're alright," a soft voice said. An angel? Anthony opened his eyes.

The girl from the supermarket?!

And it was. He looked around himself, everything was frozen. He was still a few feet from the ground.

"I can let you keep falling if you wish, Anthony," said Steph the super market girl, "Or you can join me. I have others, like yourself that had no one or were incredibly ill or just needed change. You will be one of the two centre pieces to my creation." she was grinning. Steph very much enjoyed this.

"Oh god, no, please help me," Anthony panicked. He didn't want to hit the ground...
"Alrighty then!" Steph smiled in triumph, "Come with me. And stop flailing your limbs, you're alright now."

If only "You're alright now" was the truth.

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