Harry Potter fanfiction thingggg :P

I was bored, so i wrote this thingie thing and put it in my friend's comments... all of a sudden i thought "WHOA AM I WRITING A FANFICTION HERE????" So yeah, i wrote a fanfiction :P


Chapter 1

"You must enter a chaptetr title" they said >.>

by: FabuLOUIS
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Alyssa. She was walking through an alleyway when suddenly POOF! A wild Sheldon appeared. He started reciting a really long equation. His eyes glowed red. "Solve it!" he demanded, his creepy smile was huge on his face. Alysa refused. "I can't!" she shouted and tried to run away. But a dinosaur appeared! "RWAR!!!" it roared, and swiped at Alyssa. She dove out of the way and crashed into Sheldon. He screeched. "EEK! HUMAN CONTACT!" he started crumbling like Professor Quirril did when Harry touched his face in the Sorcerer's Stone. She freaked out and jumped back, but Sheldon was already a pile of sand, blowing away in the wind. Traumatized, Alyssa turned back to the dinosaur, who was advancing on her slowly. She backed away. "Alyssa! Get on!" a voice yelled behind her. She whipped her head around and saw HARRY POTTER flying toward her on a broom. WTF Alyssa thought, and quickly climbed behind Harry on the broom. She held tightly to him as he flew over the dinosaur's head. The dinosaur roared angrily like how dare you take my lunch! Harry landed on a rooftop a few blocks away. "Thank you for saving me," Alyssa said shyly, and Harry grinned. "Anytime," she said in his sexyass british accent. Alyssa blushed and Harry said, "I'm taking you to Hogwarts! Come on!" He mounted the broom and alyssa climbed on behind him and held him around his middle as they flew over the city....



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