Cute emo love story (:


Chapter 1

Chapter 1

You and your friends decided to go to the mall, just to be girls (:
You all were having a great time and all, and I mean, you continued to have a good time. It was just a little more fun for you..
He looked at you from across the food court, and the only reason you noticed him was because you had seen him before.. He attended your school for a year or two, and was a major player. But was hot as Fu--
"Guys.. Is that uh.. Nathan?.." You asked, really hoping it wasn't him.
"Nathan Aswell?!" Your friend, Shelby, shouted.
"Uh yeah, look over there, I think that's him. He's keeps looking over here" You replied.
"Oh my god, that is him! Lets go over there and say hi!"
"Shelby, I really don't think we shou--" You began, she grabbed you by the arm and led the group over to the table where him and his friends were sitting. Your stomach felt uneasy because you were afraid of them saying something bad about you. You stood behind the rest of the girls as they giggled and tried to make the guys laugh, hoping he wouldn't notice you. Unfortunately, he did..
"___, no way! Don't think I forgot about you! Come here!" Nathan opened his arms for a hug and you walked slowly towards him to hug him. It felt nice. But you ignored how nice it felt and smiled.
"What's wrong? You think I'm too Sh--- for words?" He asked sarcastically insulted.
"No, just.." You began.
"It's fine." He winked.
You screamed inside. But continued to tell yourself you didn't like him.

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