Things I Hate (DON'T CLICK IT!)

This is basically just me ranting about things I hate. :P

Chapter 1

Random things.

by: KayBearr
I hate it when you're eating breakfast and the last 5 pieces are like "Haha, bitch! can't catch me!"

I hate it when your dog hears a car door shut from 5 houses down and barks for 20 minutes.

I also hate it when you're obviously using the bathroom, and your sister knows on the door "What are you doing?" Do you want me to just be like "Oh, the usual. Taking a crap. How about you?"

I hate it when you're taking a pack or Rits Bits, and your mother's like "Don't eat junk food! I'm gonna make dinner!" And she waits 30 minutes just to make you suffer.

I hate it when there's a whole box of cereal and no milk.

I hate it when the power goes out and you don't remember how to set anything up.

I hate it when you're home alone, laying in bed, and you're mind's like "I REMEMBER WHEN I WATCHED ORPHAN! WHAT ABOUT THAT ONE SCENE WHEN..."

I hate it when your comforter decides to look like a spider and you slap yourself on the leg really hard.

I hate it when you're hamster decides to be nocturnal when your about to fall asleep.

I hate it when you accidently leave the garage door open for 1 minute and suddenly there's a million flies in your house.

I hate it when p33ple tlk lyk3 d1$. Act intelligent, geez.

I hate it when you look forward to something and someone always ends up in the hospital.

I hate it when you're eating mint gum, and you drink water, and it's like swallowing Antarctica.

I hate it when you take a bite of toast, and crumbs fall everywhere.

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