My Great Book of Short Stories™

Hey guys. It's me again. This is just some of my short stories that I write at the spur of the moment that I want to share. They're only one chapter (but they're very long, I can't write a veryy short story lol) and most if not some of these will be based on songs. So shyeah.


Chapter 1

"She Loves You" by The Beatles

by: Roger_
I stood on the wall inbetween the bathroom and my locker, gazing at what used to be mine. He was leaned over a girl against her locker, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, holding her books, and staring into her beautiful eyes. Those used to be my eyes he was staring in, he used to hold my books, and tuck a strand of my hair behind my ear. But now that's all gone. And it's all his fault to. I never should of trusted him the way I did. He's just like all the other boys, hurtful and heartless and-

"Gettin' to class anytime soon?" A voice came from over my shoulder and interrupted me and my deep thinking. It startled me almost half to death. I turned around and saw my good friend John standing above me, smiling. He always did have a cute, innocent smile. 

"Yes. I was just uhm.." I was looking for a good over up for why I was gawking at Paul and that girl. Every excuse that I had ever used suddenly went away at that moment, as it always has. I tugged at my skirt uncomfortably and tightened my grip on my heavy books. 

"Ya miss 'im, don't cha?" John came right out and said. He leaned against the wall with me as everyone in the hallways disappeared into their classrooms. I wanted to leave too, but my feet wouldnt let me for some reason. It was as if I was glued to the floor. Then, a sudden urge came across me to spill out everything I was feeling about Paul to John. 

I sighed deeply and glanced over at Johns cheeky face. "Me hearts broken, John." I whispered before bursting into tears. My face tensed up and I slammed it into my books; worst mistake ever. I gave myself a cut on the forehead. 

"Don't beat yerself over it, now. Come on." John grabbed my hand and led me down the lonely and empty hallway towards the exiting doors. I knew where we were going. We were skipping class like we always used to do. I secretly missed those days. We never got caught for it either.

"John, I just don't understand." I complained as we sat in the grass next to a big oak tree. I sat on my books just in case a bug wanted to get a little sneak peek inside my skirt. John stared up into the sky that was heavy in atmosphere, not a single sun ray in sight. It was the perfect kind of weather to be cuddled up next to the one you love. Sadly, I had no one. 

"Jane, you want to know a secret?" John grinned his crooked at me. I looked back in a strange way, Lennon never told me secrets. He didn't have anything to hide, so I was intersted. "Its nothing. I'm just kiddin' ya." He chuckled. 

I shook my head. "Well you wanna hear my secret? Here it goes. I'm still in love with Paul and I know he hurt me but I don't care, I still love him." I squinted both of my eyes waiting for John to say something back. I waited awhile, I heard nothing but footsteps in grass. I peeped one eye open and realized he had ran off. I saw him in the distance running back towards the school house. 

"I knew it!!" He screamed, then laughed like a maniac as he entered the school building. How'd he know that I still loved Paul? Was it that obvious?


Paul's POV

In class, I say next to Claire (the girl I was pushed up against the lockers with) for the first time since I broke up with Jane. She didn't mind me being there at all, but I did. It was very uncomfortable. All I could think about was Jane. Jane, Jane, Jane. That's all that was running through my mind everytime I seen Claire. Maybe it was a sign? That I should just make everything right with Jane and it'll all be better! No. Jane wouldn't forgive me just like that. Not after what I did to her. 

Just as I was about to fall asleep from all the thinking I was doing and the teachers monotoned voice, I heard the class door open and heavy breathing. Everyone in class started to giggle so I picked my head up to see what it was all about. 

John was at the doorway hunched over like a bear, breathing abnormally. "Mr. Lennon. Care to explain why you're disrupting my class?" Our teacher thundered, which made the students laugh more. 

John barely pointed his finger at me and weezed out: "The teacher next door needs to see 'im." I knew it was a lie, he had winked at me and have me a deseving smile. Our dimwitted teacher actually bought it and let me step out of class. 

Outside, John finally caught his breath and put his hand on my shoulder. "What do ya want, Lennon? I'm trynna sleep!" I whispered to him. 

He smiled. "I've got a secret." He said in a weird high-pitched voice. I wanted to know so bad, his secrets were usually juicy and interesting. I leaned in closely to hear what he had to say, hopefully it wasn't just another one of his crazy jokes. "She loves you." He stated. 

I was confused. Who's she? Did he mean she as in Jane she or Claire she? Or my mum she. "What?" I finally asked. John pointed outside to the park across from the school where a girl was sitting under a tree, playing with her skirt. I immediately recognized her. I knew that body figure anywhere. My heartbeat suddenly grew faster and I thought wonderful things about her now. But then it died down. I was disbelieving him. "You're lying." I growled at John. 

"What? Why would I be lyin' to ya? She loves you. And you know you should be glad." John elbowed me in the chest roughly, almost knocking him down. Then I started staring out the door window again. "Go to her." He gave me a little push forward. 

Should I? Would I, or even she, regret it? I was basically second guessing myself at the moment, it was like a the biggest decision of my life. But it wasn't, I knew it wasn't. I looked back at John, he gave me a quick thumbs up and shoved me out the school door. Jane looked up and noticed I was there. We both smiled at each other, it wasn't just a friendly smile either. It was a smile we would give each other when we were together. I missed that smile and now was a chance to get it back. I slowly walked towards her with my hands in my sweater pockets, they were suddenly becoming sweaty, I was very nervous. But what for, it was just Jane. Without realizing it, I had stopped in front of her, staring down at her like a giant. 

"Do ya forgive me, Jane?" I blurted out like an idiot, I couldn't of said it any worse. Jane looked down at her feet and picked a piece of dead grass from the ground the played with her skirt more. She shrugged her shoulders and fought back a pleasing smile.

"Why don't we discuss it over lunch today, McCartney?" She raised up her pretty, soft face and finally smiled again. That was the smile I had just gotten back, forever. I knew she wanted me back. I could see it in her light green eyes. I slowly helped her up off the ground and tucked her books under my arm. We both walked back to the school house, boyfriend and girlfriend.

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