Britannia Angel & Sweet Devil (A Hetalia USUK Fan-Story)

When Britain picks up a magic wand, he's no longer himself, but the magical Angel, Britannia Angel!
With his love out of control & magic all over, he will search Hetalia over for America, & at least try to avoid the mysterious Sweet Devil!

~~~Thanks to the lovely Ice_Cream_Lover for writing with me!~~~

Chapter 1

Star Wand

The day was crispy warm & a few clouds wondered by, all fluffy & white. Behind them, a single Angel flew & played in the air, oblivious to the fact his Star Wand had just fallen from his grip.
It hit the ground with a light jingle, right in front of England, who stopped dead. The wand twinkled in the sunlight as he bent down & picked up the object.

"You could've hit my head" England smiled, shaking his head. "But, who dropped you or, at leats, threw you?"

As he looked around the rather empty streets, the wand began glowing, until he was totally invisible inside a bubble of light. When it faded, England was left blinking & stunned.
What was more amazing for him was his normal clothes had changed into a white toga & roman-styled sandles. To make it worse, he had 2 perfectly white wings (cute, I may add)! In a flurry of confusion & embarrassment, he ran down the streets, calling to Taiwan, who was staring into a store window.

"Taiwan!!" he cried, stopping before her. "I need help!!"
"'s a little early for Halloween, isn't it, England?" she smiled.
"Well, yes, but I didn't do this!" he gestured at his new attire. "I picked up this wand & this happened! Can you help me, please?!"
Taiwan thought for a second. "Maybe Japan may be of some help!"

Well, the 2 set off for japan's house, making sure not to fall under anyone's eyes. England wasn't really walking, rather floating because of his wings. When they reached japan's little house, Taiwan began to blush as she tapped on the wooden door.

"Yes?" came a soft voice as japan opened the door. "Oh, herro Taiwan-san & Engra--!"
"Yes, he has wings & is wearing a toga!" Taiwan smiled, cheekily. "Can you help us, please, Japan?"


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