If You Were A Pokemon I'd Choose You!

I'm such a nerd. :p

Chapter 4

Inconsiderate Troll

Charmander was slightly limping beside me. Luckily I had spotted a pokemon center not to far away. Charmander unwillingly went back into the pokeball before I went into the center. I looked over at 2 loud children playing with pokedolls.
"Hi! I'm May. Would you like me to heal your pokemon?" She asked as I reached the counter.
"Please." I smiled. Her hair was a blinding pink and her eyes were an odd color green. She placed the pokeballs on a rectangular machine and let it run for a minute or so. She quickly took them off and handed them back to me.
"Thank you." I said as I turned around.
"You come back now!" She yelled as I reached the door. As soon aas the door opened I ran into none other than James.
"Fancy seeing you here." He smirked going into the pokemon center.
"Screw off." I muttered impatiently. Charmander was chasing baby butterfrees. I ventured back into the grass to train. Stopping only when I had caught a Rattata and when Pidgey and Charmander were to level 8. It was dark and I needed a place to stay. I quickly ran back to the pokemon center to heal my pokemon. Unfortunately to my disgust James was blocking me.
"So you wouldn't mind if I crashed here?" He asked.
"Certainly not, we invite anyone who doesn't have a place to stay here for the night." She explained.
"Fantastic!" He said grabbing his pokeballs and turning around.
"Geez squirmy watch out." He teased. I clenched my jaw and tried to ignore him. I handed my pokemon to the nurse.
"Wow these have grown quite a few levels!" She noticed. I nodded.
"You wouldnt mind if I stayed here either would you?" I asked as she handed back the pokeballs.
"Go ahead! Just no sharing couches!" She laughed.
"Don't count on it." I muttered disgusted. I took the couch on the other side and let Charmander out of the ball. He curled up on the end of the couch. I layed down and tried to sleep but James was being extremely annoying as he ate his dinner. I looked over to him and he looked back with an ear to ear grin like he was proud of annoying me. I sighed and flipped over onto my side and slowly fell asleep to james smacking his lips and whistling. Ugh what an inconsiderate troll.

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