If You Were A Pokemon I'd Choose You!

I'm such a nerd. :p

Chapter 3

Step Up

I awoke early that morning and remembered to grab a light jacket. I kissed my mom goodbye and walked out the door. I looked back at my new house and smiled. I shoved my hands in my long dark button up coat and began walking along the road. After about 10 minutes I took out my map to see if there would be any shorcuts. There was. There was a short stretch of grass that would save me at least 8 minutes instead of walking around. As I walked I heard rustling. And then something flying at my head. Screaming I tried to run until I realized it was a pokemon. I stopped running and faced it. I threw out Charmander, who was happy to get out of his ball.
"Charmander scratch!" He did and hit it directly in the wing. The bird flailed trying to fly away but the wing was injured. Instead it used a quick attack Charmander scratched the bird again leaving it more injured than before. I took out an unused pokeball and tried to catch the bird.
rock, rock, rock it then made a locking noise. I had caught my first pokemon! I felt so geeky being excited about that but it really was exciting. I picked up the pokeball and stuffed it in my backpack. I let Charmander trail behind me since he was reluctant to go back in the ball. As I walked through the grass and back onto the road I seen a familiar face. James. I rolled my eyes and tried to go unnoticed.
"Hey Lexi how many pokemon do you have?" He asked rudely. I clenched my jaw.
"Two." I said angrily. He smirked.
"Yeah that was quite a catch. I'm surprised it didn't run away by your scream." He laughed.
"Go away James. I'm not in the mood." He turned his half famous smile and walked beside me.
"You do know Charmander could runaway." He said matter -of -factly.
"I do, but I trust him." I patted Charmander on the head.
"Char." It croaked happily.
"Brave of you." He smirked. I ignored him and continued my pace. I seen the next small town was appearing in view. I felt James trying to get me to look at him.
"James really leave me be." I said walking ahead of him into town. I heard him chuckling but he didn't try to catch up. Forty minutes of walking and I was already really annoyed and in the next town,Viridian City. It wasn't much bigger than Pallet Town but it was a step up.

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