If You Were A Pokemon I'd Choose You!

I'm such a nerd. :p

Chapter 2

The First Battle

At first glance I would have chose Squirtle because it looked so sweet and innocent. But my gut and heart told me that I'd have to go with Charmander. He just looked like a fighter and I'd feel safe with him.
"I'll go with Charmander." I said looking into the pokemons ember eyes.
"Char-Char." It croaked. It was then swooped back into the poke ball and Professor Oak handed Charmander to me. I looked to James and he looked like he was in deep thought.
"James your pick." Professor Oak said to his grandson.
"Squirtle." He said simply. He picked up the Squirtle and put him back in the ball.
"Oh before you two leave have these!" Oak said quickly getting a small phone like object and a slightly bigger object.
"This is a pokedex it records the data of all the pokemon you've caught so far and this is somewhat like a telephone if you ever need to get ahold of one of us when you're in a tight situation feel free to give it a ring!" He said handing us the gadgets. I thanked him and walked out of the lab with my hands full. James quickly began to walk backwards in front of me. I sighed.
"What do you want?" I asked impatiently.
"Lets battle." He suggested.
"Not now." I said hurriedly.
"C'mon, scared you're going to lose?" He taunted.
"Hardly." I set the materials on the ground and summoned Charmander. He did the same and sent out his Squirtle.
"Girls first." He smirked. I rolled my eyes and told Charmander to use scratch. He did. Squirtle fought back with tackle. Charmander swiftly won the round because Squirtle flinched at the last second. Charmander glowed from eyes to tail. He'd grown to level 6.
"That was quick." I smirked.
"Just you wait." James said angrily. I rolled my green eyes and walked into my home.
"Mom! I'm home." I yelled putting Charmander back in his ball.
"Oh hi honey." She said getting up from her couch.
"Uhm oak wanted me to go search for pokemon around the world."
"Oh honey that's fantastic! Just be careful. When do you start?"
"I was thinking tomorrow." I looked at the clock. Wow it had already been 6 hours since I had first arrived at professor oaks.
"Okay well here." She said handing me a dark purple backpack. She stuffed some snacks and pokeballs in the pockets along with a few water bottles.
"You're going to need some rest Lex!" I nodded with agreement. I hustled up stairs and grabbed a few outfits and threw them in the bag along with a few hundred dollars and a map of the country. I then sank into my bed and enjoyed my last night in my new home.

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