If You Were A Pokemon I'd Choose You!

I'm such a nerd. :p

Chapter 1

A Big Commitment

My mom was shaking me awake. Annoyed I told her to leave.
"Lexi, Professor Oak would like to meet with you" my light green eyes narrowed into my pillow. I flipped onto my back.
"Why?" I moaned.
"Because" my mom said throwing a skirt and tank top at me. I rolled my eyes and brushed through my dark red hair with my pale fingers. I got up throwing the things my mother had tossed to me on the ground. I fished around in my walk in closet. Picking out a light denim Jean jacket, a sandy colored tank top and a floral skirt. Putting my hair in a messy bun and adding a small amount of makeup I was ready to leave. My mom can rushing out of the kitchen to give me my red vans.
"Thanks mom" I muttered as I put them on. She smiled and went back into the kitchen. Professor Oaks office was a 5 minute walk from my house. I had just moved here and knew the place well in less than a week. Straightening out my skirt I knocked on the door.
"Oh well hello darling!" A woman in a black pantsuit said as she opened the red door. I smiled.
"Professor Oak is expecting you" she said leading me through the many halls of the labratory. Finally I stood before a graying man in about his 50s. And next to him stood a boy with dark brown medium long hair and sunkissed skin.
"James, would you grab that" professor oak asked nicely as he dropped a red aand white ball. The boy rolled his brown eyes and leaned down to grab the ball. He shoved it in professor oaks briefcase.
"Thanks grandson" he smiled to the boy.
"Ah! Miss Holidae, so glad you could make it. This is my grandson James" I shyly waved and smiled. He gave me a nod with his chiseled chin.
"I was going to ask you if you'd go on an well adventure I suppose since you are 17. I figured you'd be able to handle it." Confused I was about to speak when he interrupted me.
"There's these animals well pokemon that are very rare and some I haven't caught yet and I was wondering if you'd go around the world to catch them for me. As I am getting quite old. So what do you say? James already accepted."
"Sure" I said not knowing what I was getting sucked into.
"Okay! Well here's some starter pokemon" he said throwing the 3 balls that unleashed a turtle looking thing a lizard thing and something with a hunk of salad on its back. I jumped frightened at these creatures.
"Ladies first choose your pokemon! Don't fret. They're extremely tame" professor Oak said attempting to calm me. My first choice would have been the turtle because it looked friendlier than the rest. But I just wasn't sure. This was a new commitment I didn't know which one to choose!

Authors Note: Who should she pick? Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle? Tell me if I should continue too!

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