Royal love story? ( one direction )


Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Him

Friday morning my usual schedule

get dressed for the day ( i never wear the same outfit)

breakfast with my grandmother

The list goes on and by the was i for got to mention that my grandmother is the queen of England. i guess i left out a piece of information. So as i was done finishing my morning list i finally had some break time well i dont really have a reak in my lfe but i manage t make some time if i have to whch is always. i barley have time to breathe and if i am lucky i can sneek away from my guards and go shopping and get some real clothing that i would want to wear instead of wearing a dress all the time. so when i managed to make my free time i got away from my body guards and changed into this
If my grandmother saw me wearing this she would kill me. Only because its not a dress. I stopped at a small bakery and was new with London because i switch cities very often but i did grow up here so it feels like home for once like i was ment to be here.............................

~1 hour later~
I was finally done shoping and done signing audigraphs for random little girls. I was glad i was like a role model to them and i felt wanted in the world. But all of that changed when i saw my guards peep threw out the bakery corner.
Guards: JADEA! GET BACK HERE ( jade-ah )
The trolly came to a stop and i hopped on as the followed me the grabbed on the trolly as i jumped back off but, i wasnt safe yet there were more guards! about 7 in all not including the 2 who hopped on the trolly. I was runnng so fast it felt like my heart was going to die out but lucky me i came to a stop as i bumped into a attactive young lad that had the most curly hair.
Boy: well hello..........
Me: sorry i would love to chat but i am kinda running from my gu-
I stopped myself from saying guards because i didnt want him to know
Me: um im running from trouble
Boy: really cause im runnimg away from a mob of girls
Me: intersting ....... i dont hear that everyday
he stared at me as if he knew i had a secret and i knew he had one too. I heard the guards shout as loud as they could!

Me: i have to go
Boy: will i see you again
Me: i hope...
I smiled at him and he smiled back. i wanted to melt inside my boots because his smile was really to die for. I ran the other direction and noticed my shoe was untied and before i knew it the shoe slipped off and was left behind. was about to go after it but, the guards were getting to close. so i ran away looking back at the shoe. I caught a taxi and made sure i wouldnt repeat myself and forget my address like i forgot my boot...................................

~ Harrys P.O.V~
I just came out of starbucks with the usual a Orange Mango Smoothie. I finished my drink and was going to make my way back to Louis's flat. The only thing that was stopping me was a mob of girls screaming my name. I found it flattering but annoying at the same time so i did what any person would do.........................RUN! My lungs felt like they were going to burst but, i finally lost the crazy yet fanatic mob. I was still running just to keep up my pace and i realized that the smoothie wasnt really agreeing with my stomach so i was about to slow down but i was stoppd by an angel. I didnt know her name but we started to talk about the reasons we were running. Those few seconds made that day the best out of the whole year. She had to go and i asked her if i would see her again. but it was too late she was gone but before she could leave i slipped my number in her boots. ( yes i know its weird to carry my number around but i am glad i did today). It must be my bad luck day because her boot slipped off and what a coincedence it was the boot i out my number in. Well maybe it wasnt ment to be but, like a gentlemen i picked up her boot and saved it for her just in case i see her again......................................................................................

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