A Vampire Luv Story

A Vampire Luv Story

This is just something that Ive been using to pass the time. Tell me what you thinkk, suggestions, comments, ideas, etc. Do you like it or...?

Chapter 1

Don't you miss it?

by: EmoHeartt
ok in the PAST Laura and Jace were best friends.
Laura's sister, Mary, was attacked and killed by vampires when Mary was 4, Laura was 6.

Then when Laura was 8 and Jace was 8 1/2, Jace's parents were attacked. Jace's dad survived but was turned into a vampire, his mom was killed. Vampires and humans dont mix, so Jace decided to turn himself. However, he was super close to Laura, so he tricked her into coming with him and tried to get them both turned. Laura ran before she was turned, Jacegot turned. She never forgave him.

7 years later. Laura: 15. Jace: 15 1/2

I woke to the sound of hysterical giggles, but I was unable to open my eyes to place the person laughing. In fact, I couldn't seem to regain use of my body yet. Ever so slowly, I began to feel the cold of the ground seem into my bones, and then the lack of sunlight that was once on my back. I was then able to process the dank, dirty smell around me, as well as the sharp tang of blood. With that realization, I was able to shock myself into awareness. In a seconds notice, I was on my feet, hands poised for attack.

I took everything in, trying to sense what I was up against. The giggles died down. It was night out, hadn’t it been day when I was last here? Little light illuminated the area, only a few lampposts were on the street, some not working. It was just enough light to see shapes lurking, stalking me.

One shape stepped forward, his leather jacket, navy blue shirt, dark jeans, and combat boots now able to be seen. I guessed I have stepped into a gang, whether vampire or human, I don’t know. The shapes face was still shadowed, and I figured I would go ahead and find out.

"What's wrong, afraid of a little girl seeing your face?" I taunted. I knew it was a risky move, but I noticed that the lurking shadows clustered around what I presumed to be the leader, thus giving an escape route behind me.

The shape lifted their head slowly. Their smirk able to be seen first, then the shadows receded and I found myself staring into a pair of grey eyes flecked with gold; eyes that belonged to a vampire named Jace. We were once friends, but that was a long time ago, before his family was turned and he chose to be turned with them. He couldn’t let me go either and tried to trick me into getting turned. I fought my way out, and I never forgave him.

"No, my dear old friend Raven. Besides, seems you've already seen my face." Jace said with a slight curve of his lips.

"What do you want? What did you do to me?" I asked still not remembering what had happened last night.

Jace's slight smile faltered, but he quickly covered it as he walked closer. He stopped a foot in front of me, then reached out with his hand and brushed my wild orange curls out of my face. Now I could really see his face. His dark hair, which partly covered his eyes, made his already pale skin seem white in comparison. I was so wrapped up in his eyes I couldn't focus on anything else. The look in his eyes reminded me of memories of laughing together, playing together, even our first kiss. I stared into older eyes, seeing the gold flicker in his grey eyes reminded me of everything else that had happened. He saw me return to the present and he was pulled from the past. For a moment we just looked at each other.

"Don't you miss it?" He asked quietly, his face not farther than five or six inches from mine.

"Of course I do, but everything is different now." I said back, just as quietly.

Jace dropped his hand that had begun absently stroking my hair. After several moments of watching each other, Jace tried again, "Can't we start over? Can't you let me make up for it?"

"I don't know." I said, not knowing how I felt about it. I was just glad he didn't bring up the times he helped me, without my asking for it, which probably saved me from getting hospitalized on several occasions. Not to mention how he protected my mother. I can't think about that anymore though, I thought, I paid off that debt, I didn't do those stupid jobs for a year to still owe him something.

He just looked at me, masking the emotion from his face again. A big part of me wanted to scream yes instead and take sanctuary in his arms again. However, I can't forget how he broke my trust in him, he decided to take my whole life in his own hands and change it. I can't hold it against him too much, he was only eight, but I couldn't find it in me to trust him. And I knew if I let him in just a little I would break, I would trust him fully again and I could get myself turned.

Jace glanced at the ground momentarily before looking back at me. "Just try." He squeezed my arm and I relaxed under his touch, He chuckled at that and began to turn away. Unaware of my actions, I reached out to him and pulled him to me. Body pressed flush up against his, I stood on my tip toes and my mouth found his. He was shocked for a moment then relaxed and slid his arm around my waist, the other at the base of my neck, kissing me back. I took check of myself then. I was doing just what I promised myself I wouldn't do.

Jerking back, he let go of me. I turned on my heel and sprinted off. I didn't know where I was going; I was relying on my instincts. Tears trickled down my face.

ok. so tell me what you think in the comments. Ideas? do you like it?
Don't be shy!! :)

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