Naruto bloopers

Hope you think its funny.

Chapter 1

blooper 1

by: Lesy
(Sasuke Vs Naruto scene)

Sasuke held Naruto up in the air, glaring at him. He yells "Naruto! I am emo and I am gay for you. I LOVE YOU" Naruto starts laughing, as did everyone else. Naruto falls back on the ground and says " I'm not gay Sasuke. But I think we can work this out if we go back. I can give you a try at my heart." Naruto held Sasuke's hand. Sasuke chuckles and says "OHH NARUTO" They hug before starting to laugh unstop for a while.
(Naruto and Haku, in the field)

Haku stands up and says "You will get strong. Very strong" He starts to walk off, stops and says "By the way. I''m a boy" Naruto smirks and says "It's a man baby!" Haku stops walking and snorts. Naruto says "Sorry sorry Haku I couldn't help it." Haku laughs "It's fine its weird to say I'm a boy when I'm a girl. I'm just glad I'm a girl and not a boy or I would be made fun of so mad." Haku laughs before she goes and sits back in front of Naruto. She says "Lets do it again."
(Perv sage and Naruto's 'sexy jutsu')

Smoke covered 'Naruto' as he was in the sexy jutsu, Perv sage was jumping around her as he says"What is this jutsu?" 'Naruto' says "I call it sexy no jutsu" 'Naruto' breathed in some smoke and started coughing. The real Naruto come out from behind a wall and say "Naruko! You ok?" Naruko nods as she coughs as they smoke goes away and it shows Naruko wearing a swim suit. Perv sage says "Man your wearing a swim suit? Naruto this is cheating! This isnt a jutsu this is a girl! But I'll take her" Naruko starts laughing and coughing. Naruto glares at Perv sage and then chuckles and say "very funny. like hell im going to give my sister to you." Naruko says "Use less smoke please."
(Naruto Vs Neji)

Naruto goes to grab a kunai but he pulls out a pencil and says "I have a pencil and I know how to use it so stop trying to tickle me!! Your pokes are very powerful! " Neji sweat-drops as does everyone else before they start laugh. Neji face palms and says "This is the sixth time you have done something like this. Can't we just get done this this fight. " Neji walks over to Naruto and tickles Naruto, Naruto drops the pencil and starts laughing and says "S-s-stop i-i-it " Neji smiles and yells "NEVER!! MAHAHAHAHA"
(Shikamaru,Naruto finds Gaara trying to kill Lee)

Shikamaru says "Naruto are you crazy?! He has the strength like a demon!" Naruto smiles and say "Oh yea well I have a real one in me." Gaara says "A demon huh.. Well I AM A SEXY BEAST!" He winks to the camera. Naruto starts laughing and say "That is one way to ruin a moment ." Shikamaru shakes his head and says "Gaara you always have to do something like this." Naruto laughs and says" Even when he got the job he yelled out to everyone. WATCH OUT A SEXY BEAST IS COMING THOUGH" Gaara smirks and say "That's because I am Naruto! Plus I am a nice guy, not a bad boy so I get all the ladies."
(Gaara Vs Naruto)

Naruto jumps at Gaara, the sand grabs him. Naruto brings his head back ready to hit Gaara with his head. Gaara say "Naruto, your not going to kiss me like you kissed Sasuke are you? I don't think someone pushed you into Sasuke." Naruto stares at Gaara and chuckles, he says "Yes Gaara I kissed Sasuke. I couldn't help it, he was too sexy. But you are Gaara of the funk, the sexy beast. I must kiss you, you know my pain so you must now know my lips." Gaara laughs and says "Only for you Naruto." They go in for a kiss but stop when they are 3 inches away and start laughing.
(Third hokage Vs Orochimaru)

The third is taking his arms getting ready to cut them when Orocbimaru yells "NOO I NEED MY ARMS TO RA/ PE SASUKE....Yes. i want to tap that" Everyone trys to hold in their laughs but it doesn't work. The third looks at him and says "I knew it. "
(Sasuke and Naruto 'kiss')

Naruto falls foward, his lips smashing on his. They pull away and start gaging when Orochimaru comes in and yells "NO DONT KISS HIM! HE MUST HAVE MY CHILDREN!" Everyone just stares at him and he says "What? A guy can dream about things like this. ." Naruto yells " OH come on!!! No one mess this up. I dont want to keep kissing Sasuke." Sasuke smirks and says "You know you like it." Naruto signs and Sasuke says "Yea, but for real I dont like it. No one mess it up!"

people keep messing it up and they had to do that scene 7 times
(When Shino was fight that one guy after the forest of death)

Naruto was listening to what people were saying about Shino and his power. Narute says "So Shino has bugs inside him. SHINO HAS HIV" Everyone started laughing but Shino just glared at Naruto and flipped him off.
(when Naruto beat Gaara)

Naruto was walking down the street.People were saying they couldn't believe Naruto beat Gaara and Neji. Naruto stops walking and says "I can't believe it's not butter" Sakura says 'That was soo stupid" Sasuke says "and Cheesy"
( A scene where Hinata is training)

Naruto runs out on the set and says "Hinata.... Do you want some drugs?" She raises her eyebrows and chuckles and says "Naruto I told you to put the pills under my pillow.." Naruto says " How am I going to get in your house." Hinata says "Naruto... You have to keys to my house!" Naruto says "OH yea.. It must be the drugs talking. " the director comes on the stage to kick Naruto off the set. Naruto says "Oh no, the cops. RUN" Naruto grabs Hinata and they run off the set. The director say "Hinata come back here!"


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