Be My Light (A Harry Styles Love Story)

Be My Light (A Harry Styles Love Story)

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Chapter 1

Every Story Has A Beginning: Chapter 1

"SHUT UP" you yelled as your phone played your once favorite song "Drop It Like It's Hot" ringtone over and over. As usual it was probably Hannah, your very pushy, annoying, and hyper best friend since grade school. You pull the cover back and get out of bed, while moaning groggily as you slowly walk to your bathroom. You didn't even have to look at the multiple texts she was sending, she had been doing this EVERY SINGLE MORNING for a week. You could only blame yourself though. You were the one that had given her that stupid "How To Move On From A Break Up" book after her sleazy boyfriend, James, dumped her because she wouldn't give him what every guy wanted. A one night stand. So she read it and it said to get a hobby, so she chose running every morning at 7 o'clock, with you. Just lovely. You took a look in the mirror. Your long black hair was hanging down your back and your blue eyes were still only half open from how tired you were. You splashed cold water on your face and put up your hair in a tight pony. You walked over to your still ringing phone and silenced it. You put on your Nike tennis shoes and grabbed a jacket. Los Angeles could be chilly in the early hours. You walked downstairs where your dad was making a pot of coffee. It brought sadness to your heart to see how much he was trying to do what mom would always do. Ever since she lost her battle to breast cancer, you had been very close with your father. The death made you and your dad inseparable. You gave him a kiss on the cheek and grabbed a water out of the stainless steel fridge. "Hey sweetheart" he said with a forced smile. He could fake the smile all he wanted, but you could always see the pain in his eyes. "Hey daddy, I'm just going on another jog with Hannah." You waved goodbye and walked two blocks down the street to her house. She had a gorgeous 3 story house, complimented with a pool and tennis court. You had always envied her life. She had two happily married parents and had 4 older sisters she could get advice from. Her dad was a partial owner of LAX Airport and her mom was always on the QVC channel promoting her stylish line of purses. Hannah had it good. You walked up to the door and before you could ring the doorbell, Hannah popped out. "Hello my lovely best friend Isabelle" she gave you a kiss on the cheek. "Hey Hannie" you gave her a kiss as well and you two began to walk down the circular driveway to the sidewalk. About ten minutes into the jog, Hannah brought up a dreaded conversation. "Izzy you need a man in your life." You pretended to act like you didn't hear and just continued to jog, looking down at your shoes. She sighed, "I know you're not over Tyler. It was so wrong of him to just run off after, you know... your mom.. died." You tried to hide your hurt expression. That was such a painful memory. Just as you were about to respond that you didn't need a boyfriend, someone hit you at full force and you flew back in surprise, hitting the ground hard. You looked up and on top of you was a curly haired guy with a helmet on and he was looking down at you with much surprise. "Oh my god, I am so sorry miss" he said apologetically, with a thick British accent. You glare at him, "you can skate at a skateboard park, not here." You stand up and brush off his hand as he tries to help you up. He starts to stutter how sorry he was and starts to back away. You dust off your pants. "Lets go Hannah" you say with annoyance in your voice. You look around for Hannah, she was on the other side of the street talking to four guys with helmets on too. The curly haired guy was staring down at the ground. You walk over to where Hannah and the four guys are standing. The curly haired guy followed behind you, with a skateboard in his hand. Hannah was smiling up at a dark haired guy. You rolled your eyes, "Hannah?! Did you not see me fall back there?" She barely gave you a glance. "Sorry" she said without looking at you."Guys, I'd like you to meet my practically other sister Isabelle and Izzy I'd like you to meet the guys. Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall, oh and the one that ran into you is Harry." You turned around and Harry's cheeks reddened. Hannah looked at you excitedly and grabbed onto your arm. "They are One Direction" she giggled like she was 8 years old. You shook her off, "come on Hannah, I need to get home and band-aid this cut on my arm." You pulled on her hand and gave the guys a nod and without looking back headed off the opposite direction. Hannah began to whine. You heard running behind you and someone calling out your name.....

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