My Food Journal

This will be my record of every single food I eat. I would reccomend watching the movie "the beautiful truth". It's absolutely amazing. I am following the Max Gerson Method. Max Gerson was a German physician who developed the Gerson Therapy, an alternative dietary therapy, which he claimed could cure cancer and most chronic, degenerative diseases.
Here is the link to the movie. I hope it radically changes the way you think about food.

Chapter 1

Friday July, 6,2012

Today for breakfast I had A whole red apple and a green pear.

Today. Lunch. Sweet potato.

For Supper I am having a salad. My recipie is: Big bowl of Fresh organic Kale greens (washed),Fresh Organic Red,Orange,Yellow bell peppers (washed), Fresh Organic little red tomatos (washed), Organic little orange tomatoes (washed), Three tablespoons of hemp seeds )organic), two tablespoons of flax seed (organic), Three tablespoons of pomogranite dressing (organic) There you have it.
I am eating this while drinking a mug of hot green tea.

Tonight for a snack I had a sweet potato and a piece of whole grain toast with organic strawberry preserves and a cup of English breakfast decaf tea with a spoon of raw honey and a splash of vanilla soy milk.

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