Hetalia Sleepover Meme!

Hetalia Sleepover Meme!

I can't copy the thingy right...

Chapter 1

You Little Blobletts

Name Julie
Favorite Country America
Age 14
Who Invited You: Canada
Who's House It Is At: England
Who is your best friend while you are there?: Estonia
Movie Time! You watch: Ice Age (oo I love ice age! But it better be the first one!)
You sit between: South Korea and Cuba (I didn't just murder Cuba with a chainsaw, what? no! of course not! heh heh...)
Who cooks: Iceland
Story Telling! Who tells the best story: Russia
What was it about?: A baking accident (with a lot of blood and death, but apparently its the best story!)
Almost time to sleep! Who do you get to sleep by?: Sealand
Who do you wake up next to?: Belgium
Time to go home! Who walks home with you?: Latvia

Hm, not too bad...


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