One Direction short story for my BFFL

OKAY well...this is for my bestie named Daniella and i just tried to write a good story but it most likely failed. :D and just a quick thank you to everyone who reads, comments or even rate's it !! :)

Chapter 1


I walked to class alone as usual and sat at the back and started drawing.
“Nice picture you’re a good drawer” I turned to see a guy sitting beside me.
“Thanks are you new?” I blushed then asked the question.
“Yeah I am and I actually managed to find my first class on my own” he said sounding nervous.
“Well if you don’t mind hanging out with me the loner of this school I can help you” I said looking down.
“Great! I don’t mind at all” he said with a polite smile.
“Well I am Ellie” I said putting my hand out for him to shake.
“And I am Louis” he said shaking my hand.
Class went by slowly but I managed to keep interested by talking to Louis instead of listening.
“Okay now I have drama” He said with a smile.
“Well I have Art but I’ll walk you to your class” I said as we headed towards his classroom.
“Thanks” He said with a smile.
“No problem do you want me to come back when class finishes?” I asked smiling.
“Yes please” he said as I hurried to my class.
Okay I know I just met this Louis guy but he was very cute with his blue eyes, nice smile and silly jokes and I think I might just have the slightest crush on him
“Hey” he smiled as he walked over to me after class.
“Hey Louis” I chirped as we walked to our lockers.
“So what are you doing this afternoon?” he asked as we walked to a table and sat down.
“Nothing I guess I’ll just head home and read a book” I said as I pulled out my book and started drawing.
“Or I was thinking we could hangout” he said as I looked up.
Did he just say he wanted to hang out with me? No one ever wants to hang out with me
I thought to myself.
“Ellie are you alright?” Louis asked interrupting my thoughts.
“Uh yea um I would love to hangout” I said quickly.
“Hey Louis” I turned to see Mia and the Barbies ‘Or as they call themselves the popular group’.
“Ah hi” Louis mumbled loud enough for them to hear.
“So you want to hang out with us?” they said sitting down and basically kicking me of the chair.
I looked over to Louis then went and sat by a tree and continued drawing.
“Hey you didn’t think I would ditch you for them did you?” he asked sitting beside me.
“I don’t know” I said as I finished my drawing.
“Is that me?” he asked looking at my drawing.
“Ah yeah do you like it?” I asked handing him my book.
“I love it! It’s amazing” he said.
“Thanks” I said blushing slightly.
We spent lunch looking at my drawings together then walked to our last class together.
“So my talent is drawing what is your talent?” I asked smiling.
“I can sing” he said smiling.
“Wow! Really you will have to show me sometime” I said smiling.
“Yeah” he said smiling.
“How about we go to the music room for a while after school?” I said as the bell rang.
“Yeah sure” he said as we walked to our lockers.
We walked to our lockers and packed our bags the headed to the music room.
“I’ll play the guitar do you know the song ‘I’m yours’?” I asked smiling.
“Yeah” he said as I started playing he started singing.
oh well you done, done me and you bet I felt it
I tried to keep chill but you’re so hot that I melted
I fell right through the crack now I’m trying to get back
He sounded nervous so I joined in.
“Wow you are really good” I said as we finished.
“Thanks you are quite good yourself and you have a great talent with the guitar” he said smiling.
“Thank you Lou Oops I meant Louis sorry anyway lets go get pizza” I said as we walked out.
“That’s a great nickname and mmm pizza sounds good” he said smiling.
We went on for weeks hanging out after school and singing and just becoming best friends.
“Hey, Ell can I ask you something?” Louis asked while we walked home.
“Yeah sure what is it?” I said smiling.
“Well I know we are like best friends but I wanted to know if you wanted to like go out with me?” he asked blushing.
“Really? Yes” I said hugging him.
I spent days, month all my time with Louis he became my best friend and my only friend, we finished school together and even went to the prom together he was the most important person in my life.
“Ell I have to tell you something” Louis said holding my hand as we walked down the beach.
“What is it Lou” I said turning to see his face sadden.
“I...I have to break up with you” he said looking down.
“W...What? Why?” I said letting his hand go.
“It’s just I am going on to a show called X-factor and if it works out I will have to move and my parents thought we should move even if it doesn’t work out” he explained sounding upset.
I stood there shocked I couldn’t say anything the one thing that meant the most to me, the one person who was my best friend and only friend was leaving me.
“I understand” is all that I managed to say before I began crying.
“I’m sorry Ell but I have to go” he said kissing me on the cheek.
“Okay” I said sitting on the ground crying.
I walked home thinking about what I had, what I’d lost and what I could have had.

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