More Than A Teacher-Student Relationship (An Edward Cullen Love Story)

Rosie Vasquez always had a crush on her music teacher, Edward Cullen. One day she sees that someone hacked her Facebook and put I had s*x with Edward in the classroom when there was no1. After that the same person keeps hacking even though Rosie changes her password. She gets locked in a haunted house with Edward, his family(who also work at the school) and her best friends. The person still hacks her and end up saying they're with her. She soon finds out....that person is someone she loves.....

Chapter 1

The Crush

Hi. My name is Rosalie Serena Vasquez but just call me Rosie. I live in L.A. and go to school at Hollywood Arts for talented people. I don't think I'm talented but when I tried out. I actually got in. I was so surprised. I can sing, dance, act, paint, sculpt, compose songs/music, play piano, play acoustic guitar and I can play the keyboard. I have so many talents that everyone always tries to do what I do but most of the time end up failing horribly. I dunno how I do it either....I just do it. Ok now to what happened when a hack on Facebook turned into a long story. That mostly made me the way I am now....quiet, scared and...well not alone but....sometimes I feel alone.
I woke up once my alarm clock went off.....another day of school...sigh. I got up from my bed, brushed my hair and teeth, put on black boots with black tights and a red long sleeved shirts with the sleeves lacy with roses on it. I wasn't very hungry so I didn't have breakfast. I had my black hair out. It was big black spiral curls that bounced everytime I walked. I would usually wear it in a ponytail but I decided to wear it out today. I grabbed my black backpack and left. I walked to the school and went to where my best friends, Bella, Angela, Jessica, Tyler, Mike and Eric were at.
"Hey Guys," I said and smiled at them they all said hi to me and Bella hugged me tightly. We've been friends since Pre-k and we'll always be friends....well...BEST FRIENDS!!! I smiled and hugged her back tightly. We talked until the bell rang. I walked inside and went to my locker quickly then walked to my first class...Music with Mr. Cullen a.k.a Edward Cullen a.k.a My teacher whom I have a crush on. I walked into the class...first one.....again. I sat down at my desk that was in the front and watched Edward until everyone else came in. I saw my other friends, Cat Valentine, Tori Vega, Jade West, Andre Harris, Beck Oliver and Robbie Shapiro with his puppett Rex Powers.
"Ok guys no more conversation," Edward said in his cute and sexy voice. I smiled at him and we practiced acting for a couple of minutes. "Ok. Now Rosie grab the microphone and everyone else get your instruments and dancers get ready. We have to practice for the contest." We were battling against other schools for singing, dancing and playing instruments. I got up and got the microphone and got ready to sing Truth or Dare by Emily Osment. I danced to the part that I LOOOOOVED.
Truth! Last kiss on the tip of you're lips were the hiiiis? Talk Talk! Was your heart beat beating? Dare! Times up are you ready or not? Tick Tick Tock! So don't stop when you get that feeling now oooooooooow ooooooow. Talk Talk! Was your heart beat beating now ooooow. It's just a game.
"Good job, Rosie. Everyone take a break!." I smiled when Edward told me good job and I went to where my friends were at.
"You sounded AMAZING ROSIE!!!" Tori said and hugged me tightly. I smiled and hugged back.
"Uh....guys?" We all looked at Cat who was staring at her phone, wide eyed.
"What's wrong Little Red?" Andre asked and went next to her then went frozen and stared at her phone, wide eyed.
"Let me see it." Jade said and looked at the phone and did the same.
"What's wrong?" Me and everyone else asked.
"Rosie, have you been on Facebook?" Cat asked in a creeped out voice.
"No....why?" I asked and Cat showed us her phone and it showed my Facebook statuses.
OLD STATUS: Soooooo tired. Going to bed. NIGHT!!!
OTHER OLD STATUS: First one in Edward's always :)
NEW STATUS: I had s*x with Edward when no one was in the class!
"WHAT?!" I looked at my friends' shocked faces. "We have to find out who wrote this."

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