I Got a Heart on For You- a George Weasley love story part 6

Chapter 1

Gryffindor vs Slytherin

We were sitting in the dressing room listening to Olivers pre-game pep talk/speech. After he was finished he said "Do you have anything to add, Bri?" Oliver had never asked me if I had anything to say before. "Um..just go out there and kick some butt. We can win this. I know we can." I looked out at the team and smiled. Lee Jordan called out our names one by one and we started onto the pitch. First he called out Oliver's name. "Gryffindor Captian and Keeper, OLIVER WOOD!!!!!" The roar of the crowd was deafening. He called out my name next. "Gryffindor Assistant Captain and Chaser, BRI CARTER!!' The crowd screamed and cheered. I couldn't help it. I had a smile from ear to ear. "You two make a very lovely couple, by the way." Lee Jordan said...in front of the entire school, including the teachers. I could tell my face had turned bright red. There was a chorus of "Awwww!'s" and cheers. I turned and looked at Oliver, his face was bright red. He mostly kept his head down and hurried into his position. I also looked over at the teachers to see their reactions. Every teacher - except Snape, who had a nasty scowl on his face, like usual - had a broad grin on their faces. Dumbledore turned to McGonagal and said, "Ah, young love." We were about to start the match. The excitement was infectious. I mounted my broom and took off. Soon enough Madam Hooch blew her whistle and we lined up to start the game. With another blow of her whistle the game started. I kicked off and grabbed to Quaffle right away. "Bri with the Quaffle right off the mark!" Lee Jordan said. I dodge around two of Slytherins Chasers and faked out the last one. Angelina was flying alongside me. "Angelia!! Break!" I yelled. Angelina nodded and sped out ahead of me. I threw the Quaffle and she caught it skillfully. We both rocketed towards the goalposts, leaving Katie Bell in our dust. We did just fine with two Chasers. Too bad the rules said you needed three. Me and Angelina threw it around infront of the posts to confuse the Slytherin Keeper. I tossed it to Angelina one last time, and she threw it at the hoops. It fly through the hoop in the left, and the crowd erupted in cheers. I flew over and gave Angelina a high five. "Nice one!" I said. "Thanks! I wouldn't have been able to do it without you." she replied. I looked up at the sky and saw Harry Potter circling around looking for the Snitch. Soon enough the score was 30-10 for Gryffindor. Harry still hadn't found the Snitch. I was starting to get worried. This game wouldn't end unless one of the Seekers found it, and would rather it be Harry that found it then Draco. Slytherin had possession of the Quaffle, and were heading towards Gryffindors goal posts. They flew past me when I tried to stop them and continued towards our hoops. I turned and saw them try to throw the ball past Oliver. I saw Oliver reach to stop it, and then everything went black. I felt pain all over my head and face. It burned like fire. I heard the crowd gasp and I reached for my face. There was blood streaming from my nose, and by the feel of it, and the pain, it was broken. Angelina yelled and threw the Quaffle to me. Apparently the game had not stopped. I wiped the blood from my face so I could see better, and sped down the pitch. "Bri takes a Bludger to the face, but still continues!!" Lee Jordan shouted. He was caught up in the excitement of everything. Everything seemed to move in slow motion once I reached the Slytherin goal posts. Why Hadn't Oliver called times yet? I guess it would be stupid, considering I had a great scoring chance. The Slytherins were still staring at the blood on my face and robes. They weren't ready for me to come back that quickly at all. I deeked out the Slytherin Keeper and scored. The crowd screamed, going out of control. I was pumping my fists in the air and cheering. I heard Oliver call times over the shouting. Everybody flew to the ground. Oliver came over to me right away. He had a box off Kleenex's in his hand from Madam Hooch and he brought them over to me. "Are you all right?" He asked, holding out the Kleenex's. McGonagall rushed down to the pitch. "I'm fine." I took some Kleenex's and started mopping up the blood. There was soon a pile of red tissues piled on the ground at my feet. "Are you ok to play the rest of the game, Bri?" McGonagall asked. "Yes." I said quickly. "Keep up the good work. That was on amazing goal." McGonagall smiled and strutted back into the stands. "You're sure your O.K, Bri?" Oliver said putting his arm around me. "Yah, I'm fine." Blood stained my fingers. "Ok. Your doing amazing." Oliver took both of my hands in his. "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!!" the crowd chanted. "Oh, all right." I said, smiling. I leaned in and kissed Oliver full the lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. The crowd whooped and cheered. "We've got a Quidditch game to play here, folks!" Lee Jordan said, laughing. We broke apart and mounted our brooms. I looked over and George. His face was expressionless. Angelina and I scored twice more before Harry caught the Snitch. The crowd erupted in whoops and shouts. Well, everyone except for Slytherin. Gryffindor had won the match. I landed on the ground and cheered with my team.


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