10 Weird But True Facts About Me

this is wat i do when i'm tired after a long day of zombie hunting ^_^

Chapter 1

Me And My Weird Randomness

1. I L-U-V the name Cat for a guy, and if i ever met a guy with that name, i think i'd b crazy enough 2 marry him, just cuz i'm in love with his name c: 2. My favorite smell ever is the smell of rain 3. I'm crazy about british guyz with black hair and blue eyes 4. I'll give u a weird random nickname that doesn't make any sense (nunchuck, cat diesel, lunchlet) 5. I'll smack with watever is in my reach if i get bored and there's nothing else to do :) 6. If i could b any animal in the world i would b a cat 7. I'm just as likely to smack u as i am to hug u 8. I hug evreyone when i first meet them, even if i don't know them :3 9. My best and closest fr is Legend, she's bi, i'm not, sum ppl have a problem with it, sum don't, i could care less wat ppl think 10. I'm happiest when eating fried chicken while wathching Nightmare Before Chistmas on a rainy day c:


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