Kidnapped by One Direction

This is a fiction story about a girl named Sara Adams who accidently gets Kidnapped by One Direction. She was confused as Niall's Girlfriend, Sasha Argo. One Direction was going to suprise Sasha with a trip to England to see Niall but in the doing's they took Sara from her home. Now she is 1,000 miles from her house and she has know way of getting back. What will happen to Sara on her journey?

Chapter 51

Liam's unheard screams

Sorry guys, the chap. deleted, I was kind of angry...
The light is blinding. The back of my eyelid's glow like charcol. I flutter my eyes open and look around. There is a bright gleam in front of me. I knock it away and hit a warm hand.
I look up into Harry's eyes. He holds a flashlight up to my eyes and turns out off when he see's that I'm awake."Are you okay?"
"Just dandy," I feel my head. There's a lump forming, and I can feel it through my hair. I groan. "I feel like I fell a story."
"You did hit your head on the booth table after you passed out." Harry says.
"Huh?" I say, "what's that?"
Harry shrugs, "It's nothing, I just wished you would have stayed asleep."
"WHAT?" My eyes boggle.
"Um... nothing," Harry reply's. "Why don't you just close your eyes..."
"No," I shout sitting up like a bullet. "Why on earth? There's no pilot?" The past few hours flood back to me. "How long have I been out?"
"Only a day."
I look around. Niall is crouching in the corner. He has strange googles pressed up against his head and a green scarf wrapped around his neck. Zayn is wrapped in a large leather jacket, a similar pair of goggles are pulled above his forehead. Louis, is bundled in layers of clothes a backpack straped onto his back, and Liam has a funny hat on. I look down. I'm in the exact same outfit, except I have double the padding.
"What is this?" I yell, "A revolution?"
"You shouldn't have woke her up..." Zayn murmurs.
"It was just a light!" Harry exclaims.
"10 seconds," Liam says.
Just then a blinking light above me shoots on.
"Why are we dressed up in this gear?"
"You don't want to know."
"But why?"
"Just hold me hand." Harrys finger enlace mine, before I can reject
The floor drops from underneath me and we're free falling through the air, so fast I think I've lost Harry. I look up. There he is smiling down at me. I scream, "Are you crazy?" Even though he can't here me. I scrabble at the air like a cat in water and try to yank my hand out his. Harry fumbles with something in his other hand and touches my back. I succeed in pulling my arm away and try to kick away from him but get pulled back. A cord connects me two him. It's clasped onto my backpack.
A parachutte.
Thank the lord.
The rest of One Direction is flying around us. Louis swims through the air. Niall does strange flips and Zayn lets himself plummet through air, hugging his knee's to his chest. Liam, I think, by the look on his face is screaming...
I look around.
Nothing but sky.
I look down.
Nothing but ground.
I don't want to die!
I claw at the air and find myself in Harry's arms. I don't try to push away. It feels safer this way. Wind shoots past my ears. Harry mouths something that I can't make out. I let myself drop farther and the closer we get to the ground the tighter I hug Harry.
He gives the rest of One Direction a look and Niall gives him a thumbs up. Harry pulls a wire at his shoulder and a parachutte comes flying out of his backpack catching in the wind. I get thrown back as our plummet comes to an end and we begin to drift to the ground, all of One Direction behind us.
Liams mouth is closed, he is no longer yelling. Instead he is grinning ear to ear. Zayn claps in relief and Louis shouts something into the wind. "Again! Again!" I think.
Not again.
Anger sweeps me again but it doesn't stay for long. Soon I find myself looking at Harry, mostly because I don't like glaring at the ground. The earth is so close now that i can see flashes from camera's and a big mob waiting for us. I shake my head up at Harry, closing my eyes afraid of what is next.

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