Kidnapped by One Direction

This is a fiction story about a girl named Sara Adams who accidently gets Kidnapped by One Direction. She was confused as Niall's Girlfriend, Sasha Argo. One Direction was going to suprise Sasha with a trip to England to see Niall but in the doing's they took Sara from her home. Now she is 1,000 miles from her house and she has know way of getting back. What will happen to Sara on her journey?

Chapter 3

I don't like shopping!

The car ride was super uncomfortable. Zayn turns up the music until it is blasting and the car is rocking back and forth with the bass. Louis belches out the lyrics to Payphone by Maroon 5. Liam and Niall get wrapped up in this mind game. Liam win 2 out of the 3 games played and Niall begs him for a rematch. Harry however stays silent by my side.
20 minutes in, I get a bizarre headache. It feels like some much pressure is beingput under my eyes I am forced to close them. I clamp my hands over my ears and block out all of the noise.
After a little someone shakes my shoulder, "Sasha, are you awake?"
I grin and my eyes open slowly, "Sasha isn't. Sara is."
"Sorry, about that," Harry apologizes. "But, you know you're going to have to pretend to be Sasha around Paul."
"Do I owe you that much?" I ask, noticing that the boys are not in the car. It has been parked in front of a large house; I suspect they are inside.
"No," Harry say plainly. "But it's a one in a life time chance to be Niall's girlfriend."
"Okay..." I pause. Then I start to freak out like a fangirl, "I, Sara Adam's will be the best freakin' girlfriend Niall Horan will ever have. You know what? I think I'll go give him a big kiss right now, just to make it official!"
I open the car door and jump out; Harry follows me grabbing my arm. "No, no, don't do that!"
I stop turning around, "Just kidding!" I give him my best toothy smile and begin to walk up the stair leading towards the house. I make it to the top and sit on the first stair. I pull out my phone and begin to text my mom. Im n Eng
Harry rips the phone out of my hand before I can finish England. I look up at him angrily, "give my phone back."
He reads my text message and then deletes it. He locks the phone and shoves it in his pocket, "no can do."
"My moms going to worry about me," I stammer, standing up.
"She's on vacation, she wont know your gone for a few days," Harry says.
"A few days, I want to go home now!" I complain. "And how did you know that my mom is on vacation. You are starting to creep me out." I turn around and walk right inside, fuming.
I swing the door open. Zayn is sprawled out on the couch, flipping through channels. He stops and looks up at me. Liam and Louis are on the other side of the room having an argument they both quiet down and tilt their head towards me. Niall walks out of the next room with bag of chips in his hand, he stops mid-chew and stares at me. It's like they have forgotten that I've even existed.
"You look mighty ticked," Niall resumes strolling in.
"I feel like a piece of crap," I sputter. "Now where's the phone?"
"It's over there sweetheart," Niall says.
"Stop calling me sweetheart, you have a girlfriend!" I yell.
Just then the door swings open. I spin around paralyzed, still next to Niall. Harry and another man stand in the doorway.
The man is a head taller then Harry. He has on a leather jacket and ripped up blue jeans. His shades are so thick, I can't see his eyes. As he speaks his words slur together, "I just came to check up on you guys."
"Paul, we are fine as you can see," he gestures all around the room and then stops at me. I am in the position of yelling at Niall and he is actually shrunk back a bit, with the bag of chips still in his hand.
I straighten up and so does Niall, we wait for Paul's reaction.
He grins, "You must be Sasha!"
My eyes Dart around the room. First to Liam and Louis, they look expectant. What should I say. Zayn is giving me an encouraging nod. I look at Harry in the doorway, he is angry, his nose is flared out in the most adorable away.
"Um yah, I'm Niall's girlfriend," I say.
Niall throws one of his arms around my shoulder. I lean into him and we both give fake smiles, hoping to sell it.
Paul advances forward not losing his smile. He walks up to me and grabs my hand, shaking it vigorously. "I've heard so much about you!" He drops my hand and his smile fades, "But there's something off about you. Why isn't your hair blonde like Niall described it?"
I wipe the smile off of my face and so does Niall. I feel him tense up next to me, but I rack my brain for a reasonible explanation.
"I dyed it!" I blurt out, "I did it right before I came, It was actually a suprise for the boys. Suprise!"
"Oh," Paul doesn't seemed very convinced.
After a few seconds of silence Paul begins to slowly nod his head and smile, "I see..."
Louis causually strolls up to us, he has his car keys in his hand. "Hey Paul, how are you doing?"
"Fine thanks."
Louis begins to pull Paul away from us. He rambles on about some issue he's having with Kevin and how he's going to get more carrots from the store. Paul just nods his head and follow as Louis leads him to the door.
Out of nowhere Louis stops and says, "you know what we were actually going to take Sasha to the mall right now! Right guys?"
The boys nod there head in agreement and Niall's arm drops from my shoulder. Everyone follows Louis in an assemble line out the door, I'm last.

Louis walks Paul to his car, assures him that we are fine and tells him to have a great day. Paul then get ins his Sports Sedan and dirves off. Louis then hops in his own car and starts it up. The boys follow him in. Niall snags the front.
I stand still. My feet plastered to the ground. I'm not going shopping.
Zayn who is nearest to me rolls his window down, "What are you doing?"
"I'm not going!" I say.
"Why not?" Liam asks.
"I don't like shopping," I say walking up the car. I put out my hand and wave my fingers at Harry, "Now give me my phone."
"No wonder she's angry, you took her cell!" Louis says.
Harry ignores Louis' comment and reaches his hand in his pocket. He pulls out my cell and tempts me with it by brushing it past my fingers, so I can't get a grasp on it. Right before I can grab it, he snaps it away. "Give me my jacket."
I freeze and look down. Harry gave me his jacket. I begin to blush like crazy, but then anger over rules it. I unzip the jacket furiously and throw it through the car window. Before Harry can object I snatch the phone from his grasp and walk away.
I begin to speed dial my mom and wait for her to answer.
"Hello,"my mom's voice cackles from the other line.
"Mom," I say.
"Oh, hun you haven't answered any of my calls, are you doing okay?" My mom sounds relieved.
"Yah," I say. "I'm really sorry, I've been busy."
"What have you been up to?" My mom asks.
I begin to pace back in forth in the long grass. "I went to the new gym across the street," I say, then I begin to pant like I am all out of breath. "And I used those stair-thing-a-ma-bobs. I ran half-a-mile."
"That sound's like fun," My mom says.
"Yah," I reply. "So what are you doing?"
"Actually," My mom answers. "I'm going to the beach right now."
"Oh," I stop walking and face the house. "Well, I'll let you go. You have fun."
"Love you," My mom says.
"You too," I say hanging up. An awkward silence fills the space that was left afterwards. I look behind me. Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis are all out of the car. I can't seem to find Harry.
"Grab her," Louis whispers.
Just then I am picked up and thrown over someone shoulders. I kick and thrash around. All of the boys laugh and I see a blur of Harry running to the car. I am thrown in the passengers seat next to Louis and the door is slammed shut before I can refuse. I am locked inside the car.
Louis jumps in the front and waits patiently as all of the boy cram into the back. It hard to fit and Liam is half on Zayn's lap, but they fit. We then are driving away.

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