Kidnapped by One Direction

This is a fiction story about a girl named Sara Adams who accidently gets Kidnapped by One Direction. She was confused as Niall's Girlfriend, Sasha Argo. One Direction was going to suprise Sasha with a trip to England to see Niall but in the doing's they took Sara from her home. Now she is 1,000 miles from her house and she has know way of getting back. What will happen to Sara on her journey?

Chapter 2

Took You Without Premission

Before I went to sleep I had something on my mind, I felt like I had forgotten something. I couldn't exactly put the tip of my tongue on it, but I had fell asleep anyway.
It felt like I had been asleep extra long. My body was exhausted and I couldn't bring mysef to get up. What did bring me back towards consciousness was the sound of someone softly strumming a guitar.
"Wake-up, Sasha dear," Someone with a low voice sings.
"Let us whisper in your ear," Another voice trills loudly in my ear.
"You've been out for quite a while," A clean cut voice says from a far.
"And we know you want to see Niall," sings a mysterious voice.
"So just open your eyes and smile," a bunch of people laugh.
My eyes flutter open. I am laying down on a picnic blanket, with grass as far as the eye can see. 4 figures huddle above me grinning like idiots. One of them has light brown hair side swept across his face. He is the closest to me, kneeling by my side.
"Where am I?" I ask.
"Niall wanted to suprise you and bring you to England for a visit." The dark haired one says, he has a strange accent.
Niall, I heard that name before. I sit up and look around wildly, this was starting to scare me! I get a good glimpse of the other boys by me and I begin to recognize One Direction.
"This is a prank," I say looking around for an explanation. "Who set you up?"
"Umm... Sasha are you coming down with a fever," The curly haired one crouches down beside me and begins to touch my forehead with his slinder fingers.
I slap his hand away and back up slowly, still on my butt. "Stop calling me Sasha! Who are you?"
The boy stands up and takes a step onto the picnic blanket. He is looking extremely worried. "The names Harry, and what do you want to be called?"
I back up some more, "Stop lying to me!"
The boy still looks confused, "I am not lying to you Sweetheart."
"Stop it!" I yell.
The one with the straight brown hair stands up. He doesn't move from there, "Sasha, you look sick." He turns his head towards the guy with Justin Bieber hair. "Do you think, the sedative is making her hallucinate?"
"It's a possibility," He nods his head looking at me like an Alien.
"What sedative?" I cry out.
"Well..." The long haired one starts.
Just then he is stopped. A blonde haired boy walks up behind him and taps his shoulder he is holding a picnic basket. "Where's Sasha?"
Justin Beiber steps out of the way and the blonde one walks up to me still on the ground. "Who is this?"
"Isn't it Sasha?" The one with Dark asks from the other side of me.
"No," the blonde one says. "Your telling me you got the wrong girl?" He drops his picnic basket and food spills out of it.
I begin to cry.
The one with straight brown hair and blue eyes kneel's down beside me, "Are you okay dear?"
I bury my head into my knee's and begin to sob louder, "You Imposters Kidnapped me!" It comes out more like this though, 'youg persnats knapd mey."
"Speak up dear," He instruct, "I can't hear you."
I scream into my legs, "You Imposters Kidnapped me!"
It comes out loud and clear and he seems to understand. "Oh, we aren't Imposters, we are One Direction."
I begin to cry even louder as Harry backs him up, "And we didn't kidnap you. We took you without premission."
Soon enough Louis stands up and walks away, he know's that I wont be leaving anytime soon.
I sit and sob to myself, and after a long time my tears dry up. I am spent and I just sit there shaking with anxiety. Someone drapes a jacket over my shoulders. I have a strange urge to throw it as far away from me as I can, but I don't. A strong Cologne scent radiates off it. So I grab its sleeve and put it up to my nose wiping away some tears. With it on I eventually stop shaking.
I peek out inbetween my legs and see Niall and Liam talking. I begin to eavesdrop on thier conversation.
"Well, what are we going to do with her?" Niall says in a hushed tone.
Liam gives him a nervous glance, "I think the medicine we gave her is making her a little loopy, she was scared of Harry."
"Everyone's scared of him," Niall snorts.
Zayn walks up to them, "at least she isn't a crazy fangirl."
Niall nod's in agreement and Louis paces up to them. He picks up his phone, "um... Paul just texted me, there isn't an airport for 100 miles. But he thinks that this girl is Sasha, so he wont be expecting her to leave, he's confused right now."
"That's great," Harry says. "what are we going to do?"
The band huddles together and they whisper amongst their group. I can no longer hear. I get bored easily and slowly stand up. I wipe my nose with the back of my hand. It is more chilly then I thought, I pull the Jacket more securely over me and watch as all of all of the boys turn towards me.
"What's you name?" Liam asks me.
"Nonya," I snort.
They all look at me questioninglym clearly they have never heard the joke. I roll my eyes, "It's Sara Adams, and why in the world did you take me from my house, knock me out and drag my to England?"
"Well..." They all turn to Louis, who turns a bright scarlet.
Louis begins slowly, growing, if possible, more red with each word. "Niall has a girlfriend called Sasha. He wanted to suprise her by bringing her to England. She is how ever, afraid of planes, he couldn't convince her to come, so he sent me and the rest of the band to go get her. He gave us clear directions and I dropped our map in the puddle. Me being the leader took control and I guess got your address mixed up with hers."
"How coud you get us mixed up?" I ask.
"On my defense, I've never met or seen Sasha in my life."
I nod, "how'd you get into my house?"
"The front door was unlocked," Harry butts in.
Louis gives him a death stare.
"And what about this sedative that you think has made me crazy?" I ask.
Louis blushes even deeper, "Niall gave us some medicine to knock you out for the whole plane ride. We kind of gave you an over douse and you slept longer then planned."
I grow red and clench my fist at my sides. Here I am with the best Boy Band ever and I am asking all of these stupid questions. "And you did this in the middle of the night not bothering to wake me up?"
"Suprise," Louis mumbles.
I moan.
Just then Zayn runs up to the group gasping for air, I didn't notice he had left. "Paparazzi, we've got to go."
The boys nod and Harry runs over to me. He pushes sunglasses into my hand. "Put these on."
I nod and slowly slide them onto my head.
"I'm sorry about this," He throws the hood of the jacket over my head and slings his arm around my shoulder. "Keep low and look at the ground."
Before I can reply we begin to run. I feel like I am being dragged down a hill but I can't see anything. Loud noises of people chattering come closer and closer to me. Flashes are set off like time bombs being set off and Harry pushes my head down further. I try to look up through my glasses but we are moving so fast that everything's a blur. I make out some stements and questions being thrown out, like: Is this your girlfriend and what's your name sweetheart. Harry just grunts and drags me further along.
Something hit's me in the nose. I see that it's a microphone. Ouch! I shriek in pain as a lady begins asking me a question, the microphone is still squished against my face, "What's your name?"
I say nothing.
"Don't bother her," Harry says, anger in his voice.
"Oh, so she's a girl," The lady says taking the microphone away from my face.
"She doesn't have long hair for nothing," Harry stammers, pushing his way through the mob of people. Soon we are far enough away that their cameras don't bother me anymore.
"Sorry about that," Harry says.
I don't say anything as we press forward. Soon enough Harry opens a door and I am being shoved into a vehicle. I clamber inside, followed by Harry, Liam, and Niall. Zayn takes the passenger seat and Louis gets in the front. He fumbles for the keys just as he paparazzi approach. We get to drving before they can snap any good pictures and we are on the road.
"That was crazier then the last," Liam mumbles.
"Yah it was," Louis agrees.
"That was exciting," Harry says pulling the hoody off my frizzy hair. I want so bady to cover it up again, but I wait as he removes the glasses from my face, revealing my blue eyes.
"So how'd you like your first time in the spotlight?" Zayn asks looking back at us.
I look disgusted, "I hated it."
Harry chuckles, "well that's are everyday life." I notice that I am smooshed up against him and the door, because the backseat is only meant for 3 people, not 3 boys and a girl.
i try to get comfortable up against the door, "And I wonder why I hated it?"
"Are you not a fan of One Direction?" Niall asks from the otherside.
My face grows hott, "of course I am?" I say it like a question.
"That doesn't sound very convincing," Louis says.
I force a week smile and look around the car, "I heard you guys over talking that you don't like fans so I decided to keep my mouth shut."
"Oh, we like fans." Zayn drops a rare smile, "they're the best. We just don't like crazy ones."
"Oh," I mumble. "Then I am a fan, just not a crazy one."
Liam asks, "So who's your favorite?"
"I don't have one," my face gets red again, because I guess I am sitting next to him and that would be very awkward.
"Yah, you do." Harry presses, "you're blushing."
I get even redder and I choke out, "Do you really want to know?"
"Yah," Harry nod's.
I turn towards him and cup my hands over my mouth. I begin to whisper in his ears something he surely didn't coming. After I am done I straighten back up smiling.
Harry gasps, "you monster! You took Louis favorite one too."
"Kevin," Louis huffs.
I nod my head, "yep. I am fond of birds, although I do have a turtle."
Liam's ears perk up, "you do?"
"Yah, his name is pepper."
"That's so cool," Liam says nodding his head.
Zayn turns up the music and everyone begins to quiet down when Harry whispers to me. "I'll find out your favorite band member sooner or later."
He pulls an I-phone out of his pocket and opens it up. It looks just like my cell. When he unlocks the screen, I see his screen saver. It's him with a big heart around it. I am confused for a minute and then I rip the phone out of his hand. It's my cell.
"Told you I'd figure it out," Harry whispers.

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