Kidnapped by One Direction

This is a fiction story about a girl named Sara Adams who accidently gets Kidnapped by One Direction. She was confused as Niall's Girlfriend, Sasha Argo. One Direction was going to suprise Sasha with a trip to England to see Niall but in the doing's they took Sara from her home. Now she is 1,000 miles from her house and she has know way of getting back. What will happen to Sara on her journey?

Chapter 1

Sara Adams

Hey, my name is Sara! I am 17 years old and live in America. I am an only child. My dad has been off at war for 3 years and my mom has taken a huge vacation to Florida. She wont be back for a few months so currenly I am home alone.

Here are somethings you should know about me.

My favorite things are: My laptop, I can't live without it and my turtle Pepper. I also love to take pictures. Anywhere I go, I have a camera on me. I take pictures of random stuff and post them on my ceiling. Another obsession I have is One Direction. They aren't my life but I have a lot of posters of Harry Styles in my room and I have a playlist on my I-phone made specially for them.

My dislikes: I hate cussing and know-it-all's. I am not very picky but am a Vegetarian, and have been since I was 6. I also have Arachnophobia and freak out over spiders. Shopping doesn't agree with me because I am not very patient. And, Non-Directioner's get on my nerves so don't be a hater!

Well that's about it, and the picture above is me. Bye bye for now!

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