THink you got it hard, try living with 8 brothers and sisters and having abusive and drunk parents in the jungles of the Amazon

Chapter 1

Jason Colts

by: Cam12
I ran down the stairs a I heard the screams of my little sister Aggie. I knew what was happening and it was time to get involved. Aggie was underneath the table yelling going away at my father who had a baseball bat in one hand and a bottle in the other.

"Come out right now!" Screamed my father.
"NO, you'll hurt me," Aggie yelled. My father rolled his eyes and flipped the table. Aggie screamed and my dad swang his bat, but Kilp jumped in front taking the hit. He was protectivee of all of us.

Aggie was the middle child, she was from America. She was ten, and had blue eyes and blonde hair that was straight. Her parents were killed in a car accident and she was sent here like all of us. SHe was sensitive, and would usually come to me or Kilp for protection.

Kilp is a 15 year old African American from a small town in Jamacia. He is highly protective of everyone here, and as he has shown is brave. He is short and has stringy black hair, which looks wierd with his blue eyes, but some of my sisters disagree. His real name is George but everyone calls him "Kilp."

I am Jason, from Italy were i grew up in a foster home before coming here. I have blonde hair too, but I am blonde. I am tall and 15 like Kilp. We are the oldest of our foster home. And that is saying something. I have five sisters and two brothers.

My brothers are, Kilp and Grant, and My sisters are Aggie, Melissa, Courtney, Sharon and Georgia.

I have already told you about Aggie and Kelp, and I will tell you about the rest. Grant and Courtney are twins from Ireland and are the youngest at age four. They are adventureous but like everyone else here, terrified of our foster parents. They both have red curly hair and green eyes so bright they look yellow.

Georgia is a loud troublesome 13 year old girl with curly brown hair. She gets beaten alot by our parents, and is usually the one where I have to get involved with. My parents some times just don't feed her and Melissa gives her food.

Sharon is the fourth oldest in our family, but i am not sure how old she is. Queit and is protective like me and Kilp. She is from America I believe from Mississippi and is green eyed and has straight black hair that goes to about her shoulder length.

Lastly, their is Melissa. She is the oldest girl in the home, well after my "Mother." She is from Spain is is shy and modest but caring. She has dark brown hair that looks almost black and brown eyes.

All you need to know about our parents is that they are mean and shoudn't be able to run a foster home, now back to my story.

I ran over to Aggie and carried her away while Kilp was holding back my father's bat. I ran into the back closet were we kept the secret room. I locked the door behind me and watched as Kilp threw my father on the ground. He ran into the room by the kitchen were Melissa let him in.

My parents were getting more violent and it was almost time.

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