Profile Contest!


Chapter 1


I'm having a profile contest! So theme your profile to fit into one of the categories. There are only 5 places in each cataory and you can only enter two. When all 5 places are filled in your categorie i will massage you and you can start desinging your profile! Please dont change your profile till i tell you i got a chance to look at it!
Here are the categories!
Lord of the Rings____________See the winners on Profile Contest Winners!
The Hunger Games_______________________2 Places Left!
The Avengers_____________________________3 Places Left!
One Direction______________________Winner have not been decided yet.
Percy Jackson___________________________4 Places Left!
Batman_________________________________2 Places Left!
Gravity Fall/SpongeBob____________________1 Place Left!

There will be one winner in each categorie and i will rate 5 stars on every thing each winner has!

And you dont have to be my friend to enter and if you arn't please add me!
If you have any questions please message me!


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