Hetalia Oneshot (OC Edition)

Chapter 1

OC Info

Basic Information

Representing Country: German Republic of Reichlich

Capital City: Stadt

Are you a part of another Country?: No

Human Name: Alyssa

Origin of Name: German name meaning "noble or truth".

Nicknames: Alyss, or as America calls her, Aly.

Physical Age: 18 years

Actual Age: 290 years

Birthday: October 21st

Country Information

Languages: German, Polish, Hungarian, Spanish, French, English, Italian

Currency: Euro

Floral Emblem: Tiger Lily

National Animal: Lynx

Religion: Christian

Type of Government: Republic

Flag: Her flag is a dark green with the German flag in the top right corner


Physical Appearance: Alyssa has long waving golden hair that falls down to her waist. Her skin is fair and her eyes are a wide soft-grey framed by tangled lashes. Her figure is delicate and small, her face a roundish heart-shape. She likes to wear a black tank top with military green shorts with black boots like her brother. She also wears the German cross.

Height: 5'1

Weight: 124 lbs

Body Type: Petite

Anything that Represents You?: N/A

Scars/Tattoo's/Piercings: N/A

Personality & Interests

Personality: She is shy and timid, not much of a fighter. Despite that, she is always ready to defend people and she does have a temper.

Flaws: Temper

Pet Peeves: Prussia yelling "It's alive!" every morning

Habits: She chews her nails when she's nervous

Fears: Thunderstorms

Friends & Family

Best Friend: Liechtenstein, Hungary, Italy, Spain

Brothers: Germany, Prussia, Switzerland, Austria

Sisters: Liechtenstein

Love Interest: Romano

Enemies: Not really any except Turkey


World Meetings: She thinks everyone needs to calm down and think practically about things. She doesn't approve of Germany's way of this.

War: She hates war and prefers to stay out of it.

Alliances: She once allied with America in a small war against France who was trying to take land.

History will be found out somewhere in the fic.

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