Harry's Daily Diary

hey! I was inspired by a lot of things including a quibblo story called Hermione's Diary and the begginning of the book Fantastic beasts and where to find them

Chapter 1

Ron's a git :(

by: _evee_
Hi, Harry here so anyway today Ron was being a big git
Get out of my diary Ron!
You called me a git!
-BOYS! Seriously, Ron get your own diary, Harry as you were saying..Ron's a git, what else is new?-

As I was saying before I was -rudely- interupted by nonsence, Today Ron was being a huge pain in the-
Ron!?! What the-
I. AM. NOT. A. GIT!!!!!!!!!!
Help me :(

Okay, I'm back. Ron still thinks I'm in the boys lavatory so I have to write quickly. Ron was being a git, because he told Draco personal stuff about me. We were fighting earlier, but seriously? Why him?

He told him my underwear color and design (magenta and polka-dots)
My favorite female singer (Taylor Swift, I'm a Swiftie ;)
My favorite movie (Twilight Breaking Dawn. I just love how Cedric dies and all, but he still gets to meet Kirsten Stewart! Perfectly alive boy, right here!)
And where I hide my diary (On Quibblo ;)

So beware Draco. Oh, and if Fred Weasley appears on Percy Jackson, I WILL speak to a casting agent!

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