Have You Ever Looked In The Mirror

Chapter 1

And Wondered Why Youre Here?

by: Satanist
What your purpose is or was
if you ever really had one or if youre just sort of here
but then again
you have a purpose
the soul purpose of exsistance
you dont know why youre here
no fvcking clue
and bluntly,
i dont care.
but someone out there does
you me sht all to me
i dont care what you do with that strand of rope
how deep you dig with that razor (keep it sharp now)
that youd like to run with the cars
and sleep with the fishes
or even that you
keep your counting skills sharp with the coloured pills
i dont know you
and id be lying if i told you if i cared
but someone?
someone out there cares
maybe you know
and maybe you dont
but they do
and with your own life
you take a part of theirs
change everything they know
at the shot of a gun
their life isnt a race
it isnt up to you to chose
when and how they start or stop living
when they cease to be who they were
because now youre gone
so there you go
youre here for a reason
and someone cares
if no one does yet
you havent met them
so stop
before you give up that chance


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