A day in the life of me

This is my blog :) ill post pictures, and ill tell you stories and memories i have and ill make sure to make it interesting :)

Chapter 1

where to start?

hey im claire as most of you know and im going to have a blog that i will post every week :)

I was unsure on how to start my blog but i think i wll talk about my future and my goal in life. when i am older i want to be a vet. i undserstand you have to be extremely smart, but i have the passion and good grades to find a way to make my goal come true :)

I know this will sound cheesy but when it comes to romance i am traditional, so another one of my life wishes is to go on a an actual date (come on girls you have to want this too )

Memory of the week: when i was 4 i walked into a clothes pole and had to get stitches.

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