Blood Games {A Battle Royale Fan Fiction}


Chapter 1

Chapter One

Akira Minamoto (Female Student Number 14, Third Year Class B, Shiroiwa Junior High, Shiroiwa Town, Kagawa Prefecture) was not the most approachable person on the planet. In fact, in her three years of attending Shiroiwa Junior High, she had almost no friends, and certainly did not have a best friend. She could talk to pretty much anyone, sit in any group, do whatever she pleased, but she did not have an honest friend in the world. In fact, she rarely spoke.

Akira Minamoto knew about the people on the bus with her, of course. In fact, she knew more than most. Not participating can give you an excellent opportunity to observe, and she learned this quickly. Akira sat towards the back. In fact, she would have been in the absolute last seat if it wasn't for Kiriyama gang, who insisted on sitting in the back wherever they went. The whole group included Kazuo Kiriyama (Male Student Number 6), Mitsuru Numai (Male Student Number 17), Ryuhei Sasagawa (Male Student Number 10), Sho Tsukioka (Male Student Number 14, who never really seemed to fit in with the rest of that group) and Hiroshi Kuronaga (Male Student Number 9). All of them were laughing, most likely over something dirty, except for Kazuo. Akira wasn't sure if anyone else noticed, but Kazuo never laughed, or even smiled.

Right in front of Akira was Shuya Nanahara (Male Student Number 15) and Yoshitoki Kuninobu (Male Student Number 7) who both lived at the Charity House. They were both orphans, and they were both friends. Akira didn't feel too bad for them, since they both were fairly popular, and the sheer amount of girls with a crush on Shuya was astronomical. And either way, Akira wasn't a girl who pitied many people. As her grandmother had always said before she died, you get what you get and you can either pity yourself, or you can make something good out of it.

In front of Shuya was Shogo Kawada (Male Student Number 5). He transferred from Kobe last April. Due to an injury or illness, he wasn't able to go to school for six or more months, which meant he was a year older than everyone else in the class. He was another loner, much like Akira was. But the two never spoke.

Penentrating her thoughts was Noriko Nakagawa (Female Student Number 15). Usually she would be sitting with Yukie, Haruka, Izumi, Satomi, and Chisato (Female Students Numbers 2, 12, 5, 17, and 19 respectively) but she arrived late and chose to sit by Shuya and Yoshitoki. She was holding a bag of cookies, and offered them to Shuya and Yoshitoki.

After they were done complimenting her cookies, Noriko asked "Do you think Akira wants some?"

"Hey Akira," Shuya then called back "Do you want some cookies?"

She thought about it for a moment. "Sure." she told him after a small pause. She cautiously took one from the bag and bit into it. The boys were correct, they were delicious. Akira smiled at Noriko, and Noriko smiled back. She was one of the girls who would occasionally talk to Akira, and was usually kind to her.

Noriko then turned towards Shuya and continued talking to him. Figuring that they wouldn't be talking to her again, she took her bag off of the floor and rummaged through it until she found a book. It was in Chinese, which was a bit difficult to learn,but she picked up the language after a few months. She could read it just fine, but speaking it was a whole other world she had yet to conquer.

As she read, she heard the conversations going on around her. From the front of the bus, she could hear Sakura Ogawa (Female Student Number 4) laughing at something her boyfriend, Kazihiko Yamamoto (Male Student Number 21) was saying. They were like a package, you couldn't get one without the other.

She saw Mizuho Inada (Female Student Number 1) talking Kaori Minami's (Female Student Number 20) ear off about something that was clearly creeping Kaori out. Mizuho was a little bit odd. Well, more than a bit odd. Akira wasn't sure if she was entirely sane.

She flipped through the pages of her book, and then felt a slight tug on her hair and heard someone behind her say "Akira!"

She turned around and saw Sho Tsukioka, smiling at her. He was gay,so he wasn't trying to flirt with her. In fact, Sho was probably the closest thing she had to a friend.

"What do you want?" she questioned, pulling her hair back from Sho. Usually he didn't talk to her when he was with the whole Kiriyama gang.

"We are in desperate need of your wise feminine advice, and they refuse to listen to me." he stated, mock-pouting. Akira laughed slightly at his ridiculous facial expression.

"Okay, what do you need my 'wise feminine advice' on?" Akira asked, putting air quotes around "wise feminine advice". For some reason, she was glad that Sho chose to ask her, but then again, it wasn't as if there were one of other girls in the back of the bus.

"These three," Sho began, gesturing to Hiroshi, Ryuhei, and Mitsuru "are arguing on who is the most attractive,and my answer is being ever so rudely ignored. And since you usually agree with me, I figured I'd ask you. Now answer!" he demanded playfully. Sho usually was very self centered, but he knew enough to know the way to get Akira to be kind was not to be too serious, despite the fact she was often very serious herself.

"Hm..." She looked the three boys over. No doubt, Mitsuru was definitely the most attractive, and he could be quite a gentleman,oddly enough. But, of course, giving that answer would lead to rumors, and she found rumors both unnecessary and annoying. So, she played the neutral card.

"All three of you are equally unattractive. You're welcome for killing your self esteem." Akira told them, trying not to laugh. She turned back around and continued reading, ignoring the rest of the world until something strange happened.

It was about 10 pm, and almost everyone was asleep. Anyone excessively worried about their health may be asleep, but this was their study trip, the only one they had all year. Normally, everyone would still be awake. And Akira felt drowsy herself. She tried to stay awake, but soon enough, she drifted off, just as she saw Shogo Kawada trying to break the glass of the bus window.

A/N: If you haven't read Battle Royale, you are probably very confuse on who's who. I would suggest making a list. And for those of you who have read it, I just took out Mayumi because (SPOILERS) she dies pretty early. (SPOILER OVER). Please comment and tell me what you think!



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